Sports Minister Msungama says Bungu Stadium not Falling

Minister of Sports and Youths Ulemu Msungama has refuted claims that the magnificent Bingu National Stadium in Malawi’s capital , Lilongwe is falling.

Msungama says the stadium is intact.

“There has been a video clip making rounds on social media that Bingu stadium is almost falling and many people called me to confirm,”

‘The truth of the matter is that the unique architecture and engineering design of the stadium makes it look lopsided, but it is as intact as the day it was opened,” Msungama wrote in his Facebook page.

The Minister has asked Malawians to stop spreading fake news.

“My appeal to Malawians please don’t just forward messages because this has the capacity to damage our image as a nation and like chichewa proverb madzi akatayika saoleka please let not not be the agent of bad publicity,”

“As a line ministry we have many platforms where you can easily reach out to us for enquiries,” he says.

Bingu National Stadium is the only modern stadium in the country.

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