‘The Year of Our Lord’ Film Wins Best International Feature Film Award

The Year of Our Lord, a film by a Malawian company called Young Travellers Theatre has won an international award at India’s Uruvatti International Film Festival.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, the author and the director of the film Imran Shaban said he was very happy to see “our talent being recognised globally”.

“Praise be to Allah to that this year one of our films, The year of our Lord has won an international award from one of India’s festivals Uruvatti International Film Festival. I just thank my team from Young Travellers Theatre and everyone who took part in producing the film.

“Last year another film which I wrote and directed, The Beautiful Hen Behind the Yao Mountain was also nominated in over 50 festivals including African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, but we did not win any award. Nevertheless, We kept faith knowing that one day we would make it and here we are,” said Shaban.

About The Year of Our Lord Film

The story is happening in Sinora village where they had a chief who was very cruel and he only listens to himself. So it came a time when the youths of the village decided to demonstrate and come up with a revolutionary change by taking the chief out from the thrown. The youth of Sinora village managed to take out the chief so they called that year “The year of our Lord”.

Young Travellers Theatre Limited Company was established in 2012 by young Muslims.

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