Three Nabbed for Damaging Bank Notes

Daudi confirms the development.

In Mangochi two women and a male counterpart have been arrested after being spotted in a video clip damaging and soiling Malawi Kwacha banknotes contrary to section 54(2)(c) of the Reserve bank of Malawi act.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of October 18, 2020, at Changamire Residence within Mangochi Township.

Mangoochi Police Deputy Spokesperson Amina Tepani Daudi has identified the suspects as Annie Sauzika (35), Eliza Million (30), and Juma Machakwani (20).

According to the Reserve bank Lilongwe branch investigation officer Emmanuel Malasa, there was a business top up hosted by the first suspect on the stated date, attended by the other suspects.

In course of celebrating, the suspects were spotted in the video clip splashing and soiling currency while dancing, hence the arrest.

All suspects have been granted bail but will appear before court on Monday to answer the charge which attracts maximum penalty of 5 million Kwacha fine.

Meanwhile, Police is advising the public to adhere to Reserve bank regulations at all functions including parties , wedings , engagements and other gatherings to avoid finding themselves in the wrong arm of the law.

All suspects hail from Mgundaphiri village Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.

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