Thumbs Up to Bilal Trust as ICBM Needs to Start Offering Degree Programs

Malawians commend a leading Islamic charitable organisation called Bilaal Trust for spearheading the process to start offering Degree Programs at its Blantyre based International College of Business Management (ICBM)

The idea to see ICBM offering Degree Programs has received ovation from Malawi Muslim and Non- Muslim community.

Students who are currently studying at the college told Malawi Muslim Website that the path that ICBM has taken is extraordinary.

Aisha Kim, a second year Diploma in Business of Management at ICBM is happy with the approach.

“I am jubilating that ICBM will start offering Degree Programs soon. It will give us a chance to obtain our Bachelors Degree at the same college,” she says.

Kim hails Bilal Trust for its tireless efforts to see many Malawians attain higher level education.

She told Malawi Muslim Website that the coming of Degree Programs will see many students flocking to the college.

“As a student of ICBM, I am very happy because it just shows that there is an improvement at ICBM and this will motivate most students to enroll. Thumbs up to Bilal Trust for the tremendous support in Malawi’s education sector,” Kim says.

Deputy Principal of the college , Manafi Katonga says National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has advised them to improve on certain areas before a final inspection is done for them to get accreditation.

“As we promised towards our first ever in September last that we are eyeing at becoming a university, we applied to NCHE and they have given us a provisional license, pending assessment” Katonga says.

The deputy principal says , as it stands the institution will continue with its certificate, diploma and advanced diploma programs, and the degree programs awaits the assessment.

He says they have been advised to look into governance, infrastructure, library and curriculum, financial as well as human resource.

Bilal Trust efforts in education sector can not be underestimated.

Among several academic institutions for Bilal Trust is Maryam Girls Teachers College in Mangochi district. The college enrolls both Muslim and Non-Muslim girls who needs to be competent primary teachers.

Bilal Trust-Central region is financially supporting students in the country and abroad such as at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)

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