The first half of Ramadhan is  gone and before we know it  we will be done with this blessed month but the question still remains that have we accomplished whatever we were supposed to?

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and obligatory upon every Muslim as said by the almighty in the holy Quran “O ye who  believed,decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you become righteous” al-baqarat 183.

As clearly stated in the holy Quran  Allah has ordered the believers to fast during the month of Ramadhan so as to make them become righteous but how can we make ourselves righteous?  It is during this period that one draws himself closer to God by enganging one’self in different kinds of worshiping, reciting the holy quran,remembering Allah time and again and the like…but if we were to find out from ourselves have we really drawn ourselves near to our creator in the first half?
The month of ramadhan is not there as a sort of punishment to people or starve them but rather to benefit the whole of mankind.It is the moment whereby one would learn how to love the neighbour ,share whatever little you have even if it means not enough this is simply because you feel for others the same way you feel for yourself.i have been wondering how one can know the importance of sharing food if at all they have never been hungry?
It is also a great chance for a Muslim to change for the better because one will find himself doing good deeds and at the same time have no time for the bad deeds as it is also believed that there is no chance for satan to whisper in people’s hearts as he is imprisoned during the whole month of ramadhan.these good deeds that one enganges himself during this season will automatically become one’s part of day to day life.but have we tried staying away from gospping,stealing,drinking beer and the like the past seventeen days?
It is the best time whereby we seek Allah’s pleasure by doing whatever pleases him.alms giving and this does not only cost the rich but even  the poor because a simple greeting,a word of wisdom and even a smile can really can bring a change to our lives.and it is also because of his love that we have been given a chance to seek his mercy in the first phase of this month and at the same time  seek for his forgiveness from our sins in the second phase and lastly but not least we have salvation from the hell fire during the last ten days…now which of Allah’s favours can we ever deny?
just hope that each passing from the few days remaining brings change to our lives and to that of every single muslim out there by Allah’s grace..
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