UNIMA Muslim Students Donate to Zomba Central Hospital


University of Malawi Muslim Students Association (UNIMSA) has been hailed for its social responsibility as they donated to patients at Zomba Central Hospital (ZCH) on Monday.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website, the nursing officer of the Pediatric ward, Hendrina Chiombeza said as a referral hospital they keep people from all over the Eastern some without relatives hence requiring assistance.

Chiombeza said what the Muslim students have done will help both the guardians as well as the parents who lack such amenities.
“Honestly as a person and also as a department we really appreciate for the good heart you have for donating to patients, the patients when they are admitted they lack many things” Chiombeza said.

She further said that with the covid19 pandemic, they also appreciated for the face masks they donated. Chiombeza then called upon other organizations to borrow a leaf from what the Muslim students have done.

On his part, UNIMSA Chairperson Cassim Wiiliam Allie said they thought of making the donation putting in mind that they are upcoming leaders of their societies hence a need to demonstrate.“As students we are deemed to be upcoming leaders, hence a need to demonstrate to others that we are capable, and we thought of donating to the hospital because it keeps a lot of people who are come from different areas who have no relatives hence requiring many things to use,” Allie Said

On where they acquired the funds to purchase the donated items, Allie said the money was the monthly contributions from UNIMSA members.

Appreciating the gesture, on the beneficiaries of the initiative, Edith Chikodya from Kasonga village in Zomba said the items will help her since she has been in the hospital for some months.
Chikodya said there are times when they only depend on hospital provisions, so having donations really relieves the burden.

UNIMSA donated items included Soap, Sugar, Rice and Soya Pieces amounting to MK170 000, and reached to 3 wards including the pediatric ward.