Who is fooling who on Kalua’s sentiments?

Vocal, fearless , critic and determined in everything what he does is what Honourable Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua has been known for over the years since the advent of multiparty democracy in Malawi.

Kalua, is one of the people who vehemently fought for democracy while in exile in South Africa.

His relationship with every government which the country has had since democracy has not been all that good because of his constructive criticism in various areas ranging from human rights, social and political rights.

As his tradition, Kalua surprised many people when he stood up in the National Assembly revealing that government bough four vehicles for the President worth k650 million, four vehicles for the Vice President worth k280 million, 10 expensive vehicles for senior police officers worth 1 billion and 30 Land Cruisers for the Principal secretaries worth k2.6 billion.

Kalua’s remarks have not gone well with human rights defenders who have criticized government who said priorities are upside down against the desires of the poor Malawians.

The human rights activists further said this is a worrisome development as it only shows that government is not putting the welfare of Malawians at heart when people are dying because there are no drugs in hospitals.

The Rumphi East legislator added that this happened without the sanction of the house, but Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe defended government saying government only purchased two vehicles for the President for utility and one for his vice because the vehicle he was using was an old one.

Malawi economy is currently sailing in turbulence as government is struggling to fund key ministries such health, agriculture and education.

The President earlier told Malawians that he will put some measures to reduce expenditure like reducing allowances for ministers, travel trips in the wake of tough economic times but Malawians were amazed when they heard that the President took over hundred people to the United Nation General Assembly in the United States where huge millions of money was spent.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr George Chaponda defended government saying only twenty people out of the mentioned number were paid by government – the rest were funded by other organizations who sponsored them on their own.

In a twist of events, it was also reported that parliament spent over MK300 million in buying vehicles for the Speaker , Leader of Opposition and other officials, a development which brought finger pointing on each other against abuse of public resource between ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

While all this is happening, it is Malawians in the village who are suffering. Therefore it is utmost important that the government , the opposition leaders, human rights activists and the civil society should end their differences and come up with a lasting solution to all matters surrounding the abuse of public resources.

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