Young Malawian Muslim Struggles for 4 Years to Save Money To Produce a First Ever Video Documentary that Clears Misconceptions About Islamic Funeral Rites

As it is with other denominations, Islam has also its own acceptable method of bathing and burying the deceased.

Just in brief, Islam requires the deceased’s body to be washed in a clean secluded and a private place where clean water and soap are available. Privacy of the deceased is a crucial and important requirement at all times during the exercise.

However, there has been misconceptions and beliefs among people of other religions on how Muslims treat the deceased body.

Having realized these misconceptions a young Muslim from Ndirande in Blantyre, Mansoor Daud has for over four years been struggling to save his hard earned money in order to come up with a video documentary which shows the whole process of how Muslims conduct the funeral ceremony.

“I saw that people have spoken a lot and have published many literatures on the same but there was still something lacking for people to understand better. That is why I thought of using a video as a tool to spread the message so that people should be able to see for themselves as the saying goes seeing is believing.

“The documentary has been produced by Artistic creations and vetted by prominent sheikhs such as Sheikh Farook Jumah of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), Sheikh Ahmed Chienda of Limbe Islamic Information Bureau and others,” he said.

Apart from clearing the misconceptions, Daud, who works at Halaal Department as a Muslim supervisor said the video will also help Muslims who do not know the right way of washing and burying the dead body.

“I have noted that sheikhs have stopped teaching people about this. Therefore this video will help other Muslims too to understand and use it for reference. The cost of the project can be estimated at Mk800, 000 which has come from own salary savings. The launch is expected to be end of October at COMESA hall in Blantyre,” said Daud.

Daud therefore is appealing to the entire Muslim community to help him with K600, 000 to make his dreams come true. He said the money for the hall booking, PA System and other costs that will be incurred during the launch.
Aged 36, Daud is among very few Muslim youth in Malawi who puts Islam at his heart. Since his childhood, he has been an active member of several dawah groups such as Mudzayankha Nokha, Muslim Youth OrganisationIslamic Dawah Movement among others.

He is a rare bleed.

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