Saturday, May 1, 2021


MAM Rescues Needy Family in Machinga — Hands Over Three-bedroom House...

Having a child is one of the best moments in everyone’s life and giving birth to twins means your joy is doubled. But imagine a situation where you have up to five children, all declared normal by medical experts but later to find out that is not the case? They are all physically challenged.


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COSOMA Seizes Over 140 Gadgets In Kasungu

Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA) last week seized over 140 gadgets that were used for illegal transferring, photocopying, distribution and public performance of other people’s creative works in Kausungu. The seized equipment includes 130 computers, 12 printers and bar equipment including stabilizers and 7 speakers.




#Opinion; Is Chakwera, Chilima’s Visit to Nkhotakota Relief to M5 Road?

The past two weeks, have been great for the people of Nkhotakota district as two top Government officials passed through the M5 road. The...

MPs Hike for Themselves New Perks

Members of Parliament (MPs) have hiked for themselves salary increases to K1,100, OOO Million with each of the 193 parliamentarian getting a total of...

Opinion: Opening Embassy in Jerusalem is ‘Wrong’

Few days ago, Palestine penned Malawi President , Dr Lazarus Chakwera to reverse his plan of opening Malawi Embassy in the Holy City...