Saturday, January 15, 2022

MAM Rescues Needy Family in Machinga — Hands Over Three-bedroom House and Grocery Shop

Having a child is one of the best moments in everyone’s life and giving birth to twins means your joy is doubled. But imagine a situation where you have up to five children, all declared normal by medical experts but later to find out that is not the case? They are all physically challenged.

#EditorialComment: MAM is Not Political, Its Members Can Be

It is very sad to see some Muslims are still busy castigating Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) in order to achieve their own...

Authorities must bang heads to end Balaka Hijaab fracas

  Educationists in Malawi should understand that Hijaab is just like any other cloth. Nothing is scaring or weird when one wears Hijaab apart from...

Jihad journalist whose boss was a suspected terrorist

Accusations of religious terrorism need proper evidence and intelligence gathering before being made public. Furthermore, the most credible source of information on terrorism are state agencies, not some opinionated analyst on TV. Otherwise, careless outbursts can cause more damage than we can ever imagine.

The Truth About Lilongwe Nikkah: What Actually Happened?

“The Master of Ceremony [who is not a Muslim] ordered everyone in the bridal party to faint to the lyrics of the song. She said those who would defy her orders had to pay Two Thousand Kwacha, which we couldn't afford,” a girl from the bridal party, Hameedah Benard told our reporter. Abdulsalaam Faduweck.

Analysis: Islamic Schools Can Do Just As Others

Achieving academic dreams is what every society cherish for, and that's why this editorial work focuses on the recent outstanding performance of students at Lilongwe Boys and Dedza Girls Islamic Secondary schools in the just released Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) results.

2019 Elections: Muslims At a Crossroads?

Not long ago, the most revered Arch Bishop Thomas Msusa is on record to have made an interesting proclamation in his sermon during a service which the VP was in attendance, urging catholic faithfuls to cast their vote in favor of their own member of the church, in apparent reference to ‘the only son of the moment in the church’, Vice President, Saulos Chilima. The Muslim voter shillyshallies…

Opinion: Paipi’s Sentiments is a Sign of Political Ignorance

The sentiments by Mr. Paipi, does not only indicate that he is a political alien who doesn’t know the role Muslims have played in the country’s political system transition, but also been unable to appreciate the contributions made by Muslims in the country.

Building one Malawi with fairness and justice

Our tradition to coexist and tolerant, should not be lip serviced. It should translate into a nation of one common goal.