Supreme Council of Ulama Says Eid Adha Tuesday

    Shareef: Let's not complicate things
    Shareef: Let’s not complicate things

    Supreme Council of Ulama Chairman Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef says it is illogical for Muslims in Malawi to observe Eid Adha on Wednesday.

    In its press statement, the chairperson says Muslims who haven’t gone to hajj are supposed to fast when their friends are performing hajj rituals at the Mountain of Arafat.

    “We would like to ask all Muslims in the country that Eid is on Tuesday. This is so because those who are in Makkah for Hajj will observe Arafat on Monday and it is not wise for someone to say people should fast on Tuesday.

    “Previously, it was making sense because we had a communication barrier – it was very difficult to realize whether Muslims in Makkah were standing at the Mount of Arafat or not. But now with the advancement of technology, we are able to see and verify the sighting of the moon in time and without hitches,” he said.

    Dr Shareef who is conversant in Shariah has since asked his fellow sheikhs not to follow hadith for Ramadan which says Muslims are supposed to fast when they see the moon and break when they see the moon in their country.

    “So, can that Hadith apply to the month of Dhulhija where we only fast only 10 days? This fasting has its own rules. You fast when Muslims in Makkah are on Arafat and this will be on Monday. Again the important day in this month is the day of Arafat,” said Chancellor College lecturer.


    1. “Previously, it was making sense because we had a communication barrier” ah ah why not use the same technology during eid of ramadhan?? “But now with the advancement of technology, we are able to see and verify the sighting of the moon in time and without hitches,” why did we have to celebrate Eid on different day with MOST countries then?? lets be consistent akuluakulu athu pa Malawi

    2. “he has since asked his fellow shaikhs not to follow the hadith of Ramadhan”?? Is that all he could give as his point? Money and fame is nothing but the truth should be spoken. Why big shaikhs are keeping grudges over some to an extent of seeing each other as nothing??

    3. It really doesnt make any sense, how can we fast on the day when people in makkah are praying eid? are we not on the same latitude with Saudi Arabia? Because what i know is that there is only 30 minutes difference between Malawi and Saudi Arabia time, how come we are widening the difference? with the advancement of technology today, I thought we should be using the information available for the right decisions…Lets live today sikale lijatu lino anthu akutsata world events…..

    4. Asallam Sheikh, I think Yawar Baig article below is a very important reference on this matter. Also another thing is that this year Saudi didn’t site the moon, they only made a decree to start Hajj. I dont know whether it is already too late to reverse the decision to have EID on Wednesday.

      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

      For those in the lap of confusion – please note that Yawm ul Arafah is the name given to the 9th Dhul Hijjah. Just like Maghrib is the name given to the Salah at sunset. But you pray it when it is sunset in your country. Not when it is sunset in Saudi Arabia. In the same way you fast for Yawm ul Arafah when it is 9th Dhul Hijjah in your country – not Saudi Arabia.

      Also Rasoolullah (SAS) told us to see the moon and start and see the moon and stop fasting with respect to Ramadan. The same principle is applied for the beginning and ending of all months. There is no need therefore either to get involved in any controversies about the beginning on end of the month or to use any instruments to calculate the rising of the moon when you have not seen it.

      This was the answer given to a questioner by Sh. Al Uthaimeen (Rahimahullah). A better answer than this, I don’t have.

      Some people insist that they don’t need to ‘literally’ go by the words of the Hadith and feel that ‘after all it is only a Sunnah’. I say to them that whereas they may be correct with respect to the fact that fasting on Yawm ul Arafah or the Eid ul Adha is a Sunnah, their attitude of disrespect for the words of the Messenger of Allah is Kufr. So beware of treading where angels fear to tread.

      Rasoolullah (SAS) said this is not because he didn’t know about calculating for the moon. He said this because His Rabb (the same One we worship) told him to say it. Does the word of whoever advices against this or makes light of this have the same authority?

      The Hindus have a calendar which works on calculations, very accurately which predates Islam by at least 3000 years.

      What the Messenger of Allah tells us is Wahi. There can be nothing superior to it, no matter how clever some people may consider themselves or their instruments to be. Ignore them.

      My advice to you is to go by the words of Rasoolullah (SAS) and not the words of whoever else may happen along the way. Sight the moon, make dua which is a also something to earn rewards for, and start the month. Naturally it is not necessary for everyone to see the moon on his own. The witness of some in the same time zone can be taken as reliable. We all have or should have Moon Sighting Committees and follow them and stop following all those who seek to reinvent the Deen.

      The Deen is complete and doesn’t need any reinvention.


      Yawar Baig

    5. Nice try Shk Imraan. The day of Arafat is the name given to the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. Just as Maghrib is the name given to Salah at sunset. But you pray when it is sunset in your country& not elsewhere. In the same way you fast for Yawm ul Arafah when it is 9th Dhul Hijjah in your country – not elsewhere.
      Can we have a 28 or 31 day month? No. Its 29 or 30. If for example Saudi sighted the moon on 29th and we were on 28th, then we say we follow them, then we will have to have a 28 day Thil qa’ada and a 31 day Thil -Hijah! If u have eid tmrw, it’s the 9th in Malawi since when is eid on the 9th? And if we have a 29 day month how many days will your zil-haj be?
      The day of Arafah can only be in Arafah on the 9th of Thil-Hijah. If all the Hajis went to Arafah on 8th of Thil-Hijah will that make it the day of Arafah! No!! So the day of Arafah is not only to do e.

    6. So the day of arafah is not only to do with a fixed place but also a fixed date!
      Where did thid Supreme council of Ulama come from? Let me guess. Lost out at MAM so let’s do our own things to gain respect n pride. Are you not the same Imran Sharif who went to the Arabs and collected funds in the name of MAM and then came back and bought personal cars and made a smart house with the money which was meant for Malawi Muslims?
      Are you not the Imran Shareef who says these “amwenyes are ignorant and don’t know religion”. But he studied under a Indian Sheikh in BIM and sends his children to “Mwenye” Madresah to learn deen! What a hypocrite .
      Is Islam so cheap according to you that afew Sudanese can buy you out, so that you dance according to their tune!
      Get a life and fear Allah Ta’ala

    7. Despite the fact that the news of the sighting of the hilaal in Damascus was reliably reported to Hadhrat Ibn Abbaas (R.A.), he maintained that the people of Madinah would adhere to their own sighting. This Hadith is proof for the claim that the sighting of one place is not incumbent on the people of another place. 

      The Sunnah indicates that there is no incumbency for the Eid or Ramadhaan to co-inside or begin on the same day throughout the world. When the Shariah has not imposed this type of ‘unity’ the attempt to forge it on the basis of the opinions of the deviates is false and in conflict with the Shariah.
      If u really want to do good then you can fast Monday and Tuesday and do Eid on Wednesday together. In that way you will get double. Arafah with the Hujaj and 9 Thil-hijah with your people!
      With the above we will have unity and eid on the 10th (not 9th).

    8. Oh and since according to you today was the 9th (day of Arafah) did you start reading the Takbeeru-tashreeq today after the fard Salah or you gona start tomrw on eid day!
      What a mess!

    9. Salaam.
      I think some muslims are misleading the ummat and dividing the ummat. The best thing is to be united. This sighting of moon is not something which u shud make a big issue out of it and start campaign for eid to be on tuesday. It was very simple to follow the nrhc body which is under mam. If there were any confusions then simply it was just to clearify with mam and act accordingly.
      But what I see is every tom dik n harry wants to be learned, wealthy, position etc and for that they want to use deen.
      These people should be very shameful.
      May allah guide them on the right path.

    10. Dr shareef. Who gave you the title of doctor? Please stay quiet and dont make a fool out of yourself. Please dont import these funny ideas from sudan. U dont need to be a genius to understand your foolishness. Just go to the fields and start digging. The rains are close. Ill give u th mbewu nd fertilizer. Dont call sudan please. Chisone kwa mayi yako kuti waku bereka.

    11. One more thing. Look at doctor shareefs picture. Doesnt ge look like a pastir with a chisoti? I wonder why this website wants ti fill itself with foolish articles.

    12. ‘Birth of the moon’ is not the principle of the Shariah for the determination of the beginning and ending of the Islamic months. The Waajib principle is actual physical sighting. Those who follow the pronouncements of Saudi Arabia will be indulging in the heinous major sin of abstaining from a Fardh Saum (Fast) of Ramadhaan, and of observing ‘Eid’ in Ramadhaan. Organizations which act in accordance with Saudi pronouncements should be rejected. For the sake of some fictitious ‘unity’, the Law of Allah Ta’ala is being rejected.

    13. Muslims have to incumbently reject the determination method of the misguided modernists and adhere to the fourteen century old commands of the Shariah. The Shariah may not be trifled with. These modernists and misguided liberals despoil the ibaadat of Muslims with the products of their personal desired opinions. The o­nLY valid method by which the commencement of the Islamic month is confirmed is by physical sighting of the crescent moon or by the confirmed sighting of another place—a sighting which is conveyed reliably in terms of the Shariah, Muslim communities should not allow themselves to be stampeded into baatil (falsehood) by bodies sporting high sounding designations.

    14. I put this
      ‘Birth of the moon’ is not the principle of the Shariah for the determination of the beginning and ending of the Islamic months. The Waajib principle is actual physical sighting. Those who follow the pronouncements of Saudi Arabia will be indulging in the heinous major and of observing ‘Eid’ on the 9th of Zul hijjah. Organizations which act in accordance with Saudi pronouncements should be rejected. For the sake of some fictitious ‘unity’, the Law of Allah Ta’ala is being rejected.

    15. It is Sunnah for the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah (The followers of the Four Math-habs) to fast on the 9th Zil Hajj. And, the 9th Zil Hajj is whenever it happens to be the 9th in terms of local hilaal sightings.

      Regardless of the 9th in Saudi Arabia not coinciding with the 9th in another country, the people in the latter country should fast on the day it is the 9th for them.

      Devious Salafis masquerading as shaafis attempt to fool and befuddle unwary followers of the Ahlus Sunnah by citing from the Kitaabs of our illustrious Shaafi Fuqaha while in their hearts they regard these great Kitaabs as being ‘RUBBISH’. They mis-manipulate the statements of our Fuqaha to suit their stupid and baatil beliefs and practices whilst they cherish an inveterate hatred for our Fuqaha, Just don’t be duped by these impostors.

      Beware of the deviant Salafis pretending to be Shafi. They have borrowed from Shi’ism the despicable doctrine of Taqiyah to conceal their identity and beliefs in order to bamboozle the Muqallideen, and to ensnare them into the web of errant Salafi’ism.

      There is no principle in the Shariah which demands unification of Eids, etc. with Saudi Arabia. Remember that Saudi Arabia is currently in the throttling grip of a Faasiq and Faajir regime. Muslims, therefore, find no pride and no happiness in submitting to the decrees emanating from a regime of fussaaq and fujjaar.

      If ARABIA was today governed by a pious Khalifah, the entire Muslim world would have considered it the greatest honour to submit without question to every decree issued by a PIOUS Khalifah who is Allah’s Shadow on earth. But the faasiq-faajir Saudi regime is the shadow of Iblees on earth.

      The scholars – or the palace scholars of Saudi Arabia are members of the fraternity known as Ulama-e-Soo’ (Evil Ulama). Their rubber-stamping of the whims and fancies of the Saudi king is thus devoid of Shar’i substance.


    16. As Majlis Ulama, we never met nor discussed with National Ru’iyat Hilaal Committee (NRHC)on hilaal sighting issue they just do or announce as they, wish that’s all this confusions. This is the fact that is being hidden to muslims in Malawi. Any statements on this isue is not Majlis Ulamas statement on Radios or print media are views of individual/s. The executive never indorsed it. SH CASSIM CHONGOLO – SECRETARY GENERAL

    17. Abdullah Banda please dont mislead muslims. We want evidence from the Quran and Hadeeth that we should only consider the sighting of the moon in our country. Where in Quran and hadeeth is this available? Your static view point of just sticking to madhab of Imams is what making you argue like that. You do not have the authority for the same and I challenge you. Dr. Imran is right if He is a Dr. basi he is Dr do not undermine him. You people sticking to madhab provide only the authority by quoting the narration of what happended during the time of Muawiyah. It was when a sahaba went to Shaami where they saw the moon on Friday and fasted on satade. When he was back t Madina at the end of the month of Ramadhaan He was told in Madina the moon was sighted on Satade and Ibn Abbas told them that Madian could wait for new moon or fast 30 days and not to follow Shaami.when you look at this, there was no reason that they would follow the Shaami Calendar coz still they could not know the day the moon of Shnawwaal would be sighted. Was is it on 29th or 30th? In your own opinion, could they have guessed that the moon was sighted on 29th or 30th Ramadhaan? Could they have fasted for 28, 29 or 30 days? again they were also down by a day how could they have filled this day? Coz if they could have guessed that in Shaami the moon was sighted on 29th, it means they could have fasted for 28 days and if they could have guessed that the moon in Shaami was sighted in 30th, still they could have been down by 1 day by following Shaami calendar. Or explain to me how could they have known the sighting of the moon of Shawwaal in shaami for them to follow their calendar exactly.

      The Quran and Hadeeth have not restricted us within countries and it calls us one ummah. These two constitutions havbe not restricted us to a particular region, country or continent when fasting. Come up with narrations from Quran and Hadeeth that allow us to be differing in our calendar. Mwaphunzira but you can not be able to think its only memorising.

    18. Those Sheikhs in shariah its established that we follow physical sighting should also provide the backing for the shariah that when other people see the moon we should not fast or pray Eid but rely on our physical sighting. Not just claiming here. Palibe hadeeth kapena ayah yikunena kuti mumange pokhapokhapo mumuwone inuyo ndipo akawuwona ena ndiye kuti tisatsatire ZABODZA. Ma sheikh nthawi yoti tiziganiza kuyenda ndi dziko. Lets technology help us to unite with other countries. Technology is all about science and science is from Quran coz the Quran is a book of signs. Those early muslims managed to come up with instruments like mathematical instruments, telescopes coz they used to think by following Quran. Koma ife tingoyitenga Quran ngati kuti ikutilamula zaka yokha mkumayenda sitikuganiza coz of the Quran. The knowledge in astronomy were developed by muslims and why cant we pride with our Quran and use the same for technological advancement? SHAME

    19. Pano zatha zomangoti timvere MAM … ngati nkhotsa zokaphedwa? We will not allow this otherwise aliyense aziyendera zake

    20. Firstly, can mr chongololo stop asking to be consulted by nhrc. They are an organisation who have been dealing with this issue since you were ib your diapers. And secondly, mufti a you are definately another fool. Your text is so confusing that it makes no sense. I simply see that the fight is regarding race and fame. not truth

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