2014 Ijtima starts as Muslims concerned with failure in implementing resolutions for the past events

The 2014 Islamic Ijtima which pulls together a magnitude of Muslims started on Friday in Zomba city with most Muslims anticipating to see a big change in terms on the organisers and other stakeholders implementing resolutions that will be made at the function.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslims official website, Ahmad Banda said he is surprised to note that for the past 4 years, the gathering had making decisions that could have made strides towards attainment of development in the Muslim Community, but up to now there is nothing tangible that one can point at saying it has emanated from such gatherings.

Concurring with Ahmad, a prominent sheikh who pleaded for anonymity wondered where the money which Muslims contributed during the ijtima which took place in Mangochi went.

“For those who attended that event could agree with me that during a lecture by Amir Hoef, Muslims were swayed to make contribution which in turn should be a stepping stone towards constructing a certain facility for the betterment of the Muslim community. And at the end of the Ijtima it was agreed that the money will be a starter pack in constructing a hospital at bwalo la Ndege in the same district. But up to now nothing has been done and no one is telling the society on what made the project fail.”  He lamented.

But spokesperson for the organising committee sheikh Salim Mulosola said that the resolutions that will be made during this year’s function will be implemented.

“We know that Muslims are really concerned with how lack of seriousness has been in the past years in regard to implementing the resolution. As one way of ensuring that we are moving forward in fulfilling whatever we will agree at this year’s event, we have come up with a special committee that will oversee the implementation of what Muslims will agree by the end of Ijtima.”

The 2014 Ijtima will be conducted under the theme ‘the Future of Islam in Malawi’.

Despite being   over 40 percent of the entire Population of Malawi, Muslims still lack amenities such as University.

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