A Beer Drinking Point in Lilongwe Behaved Blasphemously

It requires no explanation, that tuning Islamic spiritual songs, which carries verses of the Revealed Book, the Qur’an, all that happening in a beer drinking spot, brothels and all places of evil deeds is a clear blasphemy of highest order.

Angry Muslims stormed a drinking joint in Chinsapo in Lilongwe on Monday, demanding the bar owner to stop playing Islamic songs, traditional known as Nasheeds.

Reporting the evil behavior made available to Malawi Muslims website clue, a devout Muslim Daudi Lulanga said Muslims annexed Chifwafwifwa Pub to stop the owner playing Islamic songs and a recorded Quran.

The angry Muslims forced the bar owner to stop playing Quran recordings and Islamic songs saying the behavior and the act is a blasphemy of the highest order. “It is sacrilegious to play verses of the Noble Qur’an and that of Islamic spiritual songs in a beer drinking house”, the bar’s owner was told.

In averting clashes, between the angry Muslims and the owner of the place, Police Officers from Chinsapo Police Unit rushed to the scene after receiving the reports of the satanic conduct of the bar and calmed the situation, before it came to worse.

Professionally, the Police Officers demanded the owner of the bar Mr. Chifwafwifwa to delete anything attached to Islam in his laptop.

The police then assured the Muslim community in the area that they will conduct a campaign to tell all bar owners not to play any Islamic related items in their bars.

Chifwafwifwa has since apologised to the Muslim community in the area for his sacrilegious behavior.

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