Al Manasiq’s Hajj Trip ON Next Week

Muslims who intend to perform hajj prayers this year through Al Manasiq Travel and Tours have been assured that will leave Malawi on Monday, October 24, 2011.

Director for the firm, which assist Muslims from the southern African country and its neighbouring countries s sheikh Aman Matiya, disclosed this upon arrival from Zambia where he went to process visas.

Initially the trip was slated on October 20, but had to be postponed due to some challenges, a thing which made Muslims who will be travelling to Saudi Arabia for the prayers to be concerned.

Reports indicate that there was a breakdown of the Visa processing machine in Zambia where  the organisations solicits the travelling document from, a situation that led  to the delays of processing for those attending hajj this year.

But Sheikh Matiya also said “the delay has been due to the communication we get from Ethiopia airline that they wanted us to travel in one group. If we had travelled on the initial date, then we could have been divided into two groups.”

90 Muslims of different origins including from Mozambique are expected to travel with Al Manasiq this year for their hajj prayers which is the fifth pillar of the religion of Islam.

According to sheikh Matiya, the number has tremendously increased because last year there were only 64 Muslims.

“This really shows that Muslims in the country are now realizing the importance of these prayers,” He said.

Al Manasiq is an accredited firm to the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia to assist Muslims in Malawi take part in hajj.

Sheikh Matiya has therefore urged those Muslims willing to attend next year’s prayers to start paying their money in instalments.

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