Another bloody day as two groups clash in Cairo

Another bloody day in Cairo as two protesting groups clash in Tahreer square one pro and the other ant-Mubarak, Ministry of health confirmed the incident, where two rival exchanged stones leaving, 639 injured and 5 people dying, but the possibilities are showing that the number is to increase at any moment.

This prompted the grand Imam of Al-Azhar University, appealing the two groups for immediate dialogue before it is too late. Ant-Mubarak protesters accused police officers of taking part in the bloody demonstration wearing civilian clothes, but the military denied taking part on the incident.

The unrest started yesterday after Mubarak delivered a speech to the nation where other people were psychologically affected by the speech. Despite the fact that the president showed some kind of tenderness and surrender on other issues like the amendment of constitution (section 76 and 77) which has been a core problem since Mubarak took presidency, lack of confidence and sincere between the two sides has played a big role in an ongoing protests.

Mubarak has been reluctant for three decades to choose his vice president and amending the constitution to limit the period of stay in power for president. In his try to absolve the anger of demonstrators Mr.Mubarak, announced yesterday that he has no ambitions of contesting in the upcoming presidential elections due in September and that he has not been power hungry at any time, accusing his counterpart of taking advantage of the situation to achieve their political goals.

Mr.Mubarak also called for national dialogue for the second time after failing to persuade the opposition with the tricky reshuffle of the cabinet, showing only six new faces in the new cabinet of 30 ministries and none from the opposition parties. The opposition described the new government “as a total joke from Mr.Mubarak.”

Meanwhile, Mubarak has made it clear that he will not leave the office until his legitimate term ends in respect to the constitution and law of the country. He also gave a green light to the speaker of parliament to look on the names of accused members of parliament whose judgment is in the court of appeal, and that the court should take quick steps as soon as possible.

On his part, the speaker of parliament said the process of amendment of the constitution will take about two and half months to complete. The opposition accuse government of rigging in the just ended elections, where by the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) whose leader is Mr.Mubarak, swept almost all seats in the parliament.

The Muslim Brotherhood, who had 85 members in the last parliament, this year had even no single seat in the house. Mubarak in his speech emphasized that he was born in Egypt, he grew up in Egypt and that he will die in Egypt, brushing the calls that he should leave the country now.

Mubarack once a commander in chief in the air force, vice president of Sadat, and one of those who played very important role in the famous 1973 war against Israel, enjoys respect from many people in the country and he is described as one of the patriotic men in the country. Upon completion of his speech, a huge number of people gathered, chanting songs of showing their full support for him, describing his opponents as traitors amid promises that they are ready to die for him and that they will deal with those calling for his departure.

“The president has replied to your demands, what else do you want then?” wondered one of the demonstrators.

For the time being, there are two huge demonstration groups, one pro and the other ant-Mubarak. People are filled with fear because they don’t know what will happen if these two groups collides again. Some people are also afraid of the repentance of what happened on last Friday.

In response to these fears, other foreign countries have already started sending planes to carry their citizens out of Egypt. Banks are remain closed for two days now, the whole country has been without internet for a week, all social networks were stopped, two days without mobile phones services, despite other human rights activitists called for government of Egypt to enable people to access the internet because by not doing so, “it is like a breach to right of information.”

Currently, Cairo international Airport has halted a number of flies for security reasons. Stock market closed 3 days ago, since the unrest erupted in Egypt and the country has already  lost 70 million dollars in its economy

“Mr.Mubarak have been president for 31years now and is still showing no signs to step-down, what else do you want from this country?” asked one of the protesters.

Speculations were high that he is planning to give power to his son Jamal Mubarak, 42. People accused Mubarak and his government of failing to fulfill their promises on economy, they also accused the stepped down government of corruption and that it was full of fraudsters.

The whole scenario of demonstrations calling for Mr.Mubaraka’s stepping-down  started with the youth who gathered and organized themselves through social network (Facebook) from different three cities (Cairo, Alexandria and Suez). Gradually, the demonstrations spread across the country, demanding the president to leave the nation, amid chanting ‘KIFAYA KIFAYA’ meaning enough [is] enough.

In Cairo, protesters gathered at the centre of Cairo (Tahreer square) vowing not to leave the place until Mr.Mubarak announces his resignation. They also demanded the abortion of law of state of emergency in the country, which was established on the justifications of fighting terrorism.

“We are tired of being stopped everywhere we go,” said one of the protesters.

Things reached the climax on Friday, when the protesters called for million protest and named the day as the day of ‘revolution and anger,’ police tried to stop the angry protesters but in vain, there were clashes all over the cities, and the cars of the security men were severely damaged, leaving others burned to ashes.

Police stations were set on, fire protesters went away with firearm, leaving the police stations almost empty. The headquarters of the ruling party (NDP) also was set in fire; within two hrs there was no any police men on the streets of Cairo, that gave the outlaws the chance to vandalize as they can.

To make the matters worse, an unidentified people attacked the prison’s guards, setting free the prisoners who fled with arms causing an alarm to the people as they were attacking people in their houses in streets.

This prompted others calling it a ‘well-planned conspiracy by the government’ in order to take away the center of attention of demonstrators to rush and protect their homes, as the police has already left. This happened two hours before Mubarak called for armed forces to come out and take control of the situation.

Meanwhile, the police have redeployed again, but Mr.Mubarak has promised to bring the responsible person to face the justice. The president tried to call for national dialogue for the second time saying, “the door for dialogue is still open.”

Situation in Egypt at the mean time is unpredictable anything, any time can happen as all scenarios are open.

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