As Pawns, Muslims Have Been Used And As Pawns They are Being Sacrificed

The moment the Western governments start to ‘worry’ about the ‘rights’ of citizens in the Muslim world then something really bad is but around the corner.

These are the same people who have been massacring our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen etc. Yes, Bashar al Assad needs to step down; he has shown great oppression towards our Muslim brethren. But this problem needs to be handled and solved by Muslims only.

Everybody knows that whenever America or any other western powers become involved in the Muslim affairs, they will, with no doubt, install their own puppets to carry out their perverted agenda.

However, I don’t agree that all the revolutions which have so far occurred are pro Zionists. Using tangible facts, anybody with an ounce of common sense knows that Hosni Mubaarak was monstrously against any Islamic reform. He even helped Israel in punishing the poor Muslim population in Palestine. Washington and Tel Aviv had terrible headaches upon seeing their man being booted out from presidency by the popular Muslims in Egypt. Egypt is now, through the revolutions of the Muslims, better and safer for Muslims than before.

Indeed, the fake political reforms that happened in Libya are really complicated. As I said, Muslims can’t involve western bullies to gain their freedom. And that’s exactly what the Muslims in Libya did. Personally, I neither liked Gadhafi nor do I like Bashar al Assad-they both had/have crooked anti-Islamic ideas (neither of them deserve(d) to rule).

The only and probably big problem that Muslims did was the usage of ‘Satan’ (the western powers who seek to demolish Islam) to remove Gadhafi from power and Muslims are still using the same ‘Lucifer’ to ‘liberate’ our brothers and sisters in Syria.

Depressing indeed to see how our brothers and sisters have been undergoing through incredibly massive political manipulation. Due to long-term plotting and planning, the Western have successfully created chaos in the Muslim lands. They have patiently waited and studied Muslims’ differences and thus finding a perfect and important nerve to deleteriously strike within the Muslim communities. Through the oppression that the Muslim leaders have been shoving down the throats of innocent Muslims, Western agents have successfully used this crack to engineer enormous political quagmire across the Muslim lands.

Some of these mischievous Muslim leaders have not only been a headache to Muslims but also sharp thorns to the interests of the Western nations. Thus to say, those Muslim  tyrants who have constantly been denying free access to their natural resources are deemed bad and hazardous to the Western economies. On the other hand, Muslims have their own reasons for hating their leaders and surely want them out of power.

Some of the beefs that Muslims have about their leaders are that;

  1. Though some of these Muslim rulers have denied the foreign powers the free access to Muslim resources, the facts indicate, they only did that NOT (mostly) for the benefit of their citizens but for their mere survival in the office.
  2. Muslims have been denied their real freedom to practice their pure religion even within some of the Muslim countries. For fear of being substituted by Islamic governments, most of these Muslim figureheads have repeatedly killed and imprisoned our brothers and sisters who call against and denounce their governments.

Thus, due to the intense oppression that these tyrannical leaders have showered upon Muslims, some of Muslims have, by Allah, finally stood up against these barbaric leaders.

America and her allies have used this opportunity to support these poor Muslim brothers and sisters in removing these blockheaded Muslim leaders.

In the eyes of the Western, the oppressed Muslims, and those oppressive Muslim rulers, are both enemies and expendables. In other words, the foreign powers are using the-enemy-of-your-enemy-is-your-friend-Strategy. Once they are done with those brain-dead Muslim leaders who refuse to give them oil contracts, the Western powers will, undoubtedly, continue with their plan by jumping upon the necks of the poor Muslims who previously received aid from them.

These Muslims will be forced to give their natural resources as a payment for the military, economic and political aid that they received from the western powers. For this to happen, the Western gurus will have to make sure that they are supreme masters in these Muslim lands and thus introducing their version of governance. The version of governance that defies the legislature of God and makes few men in the world be overseers of mankind. Yes, the types of governments that by masking the real Master of the universe, will almost make everybody become dependent to them and thus from anywhere they shall take everything they want, anytime and anyhow they please. Yes, the types of governments that only survive by killing your religion-Islam.

The foreign powers know that a pretty good number of Muslims are angry with their Muslim leaders. Through this anger of Muslims, the Western have manipulated, deceived and engineered wars among Muslims.

They have switched the government of Iraq once ruled by sunni Muslims into a country run by Shiites’ sect. In so doing, they have planted an evil seed from which its fruits are nothing but bitter civil war between sunni Muslims and shiites. While citizens are slaughtering each other in Iraq, the Western are busy signing oil contracts with the puppet government. The Iraq government has no choice but to bow down to the masters who propelled them into power.

The Western powers have been using these tactics for years now, they are, unfortunately, still using these strategies in Muslim lands now. Examples of governments that have fallen victim to such western political manipulations are Libya, Afghanistan, and probably Syria will be the next to be tossed upside down.

Ironically, the same powers have helped and continue to help the dictators in some Muslim governments. As long as these dictators serve the interests of the western nations, the western powers have, by actions, promised to keep them in power. What a cheap and evil transaction for our Muslim leaders indeed.

May Allah open our eyes and help our brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere in the world…Ameen


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