Association of Muslim Professionals Opt for Interim Committee

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) was holding its first meeting on Sunday at Limbe Islamic Information Bureau office where they elected a new committee.

The meeting, the first of its kind, saw the election of an interim body that would help maneuver the affairs of the newly to be established Islamic organization.

Brother Muheeb Banda, an internal auditor working with Press Corporation Company and one of the renowned speakers was elected as chairperson of the interim committee.  Brother George Ibrahim was elected as Secretary General and Yaseen Banda and Idrissa Cassim were both elected as treasure and Publicity Secretary respectively.

In his speech before being elected, Brother Muheeb Banda said “the grouping [is important] as it shall strive to provide professional networking events, community outreach efforts and exciting interactive educational opportunities to foster the personal and professional growth of its members through an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect.”

The AMP is Islamic Information Bureau’s idea which aims at bringing all Muslim Professionals together and shares their views on how they can do towards development of Muslim Community in Malawi.

However, the association is for the whole Muslim professionals, men and women from different fields and will be run by professionals themselves which means that Islamic Information Bureau will not be part and parcel towards the running of the organization.

For more information on how to join the group, visit Limbe Islamic Information Bureau office and ask for facilitator, Sheikh Ahmed Chienda or call +265 995 814 461.

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