Celebrating Muslim Graduates at University of Malawi: Meet Fareeda Jussa

In the segment dubbed “Celebrating Muslim Graduates at the University of Malawi” our Editor, Bright Malenga talks to Fareeda Jussa.

Fareeda is among the students graduated last week from the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

Bright Malenga: What is your full name and which program were you studying at the University of Malawi?

Fareeda Jussa: My Name is Fareeda Jussa, I was studying Bachelor of Arts Political Science .

Bright Malenga: Tell us a brief summary of your program.

Fareeda Jussa: Political Science is the study of theories and practices of government and politics at the local, state and  international levels. It mainly focuses on the following areas : political theory, comparative politics, political methodology and  international relations.

Bright Malenga: Tell us how was your academic journey at the University of Malawi and being a Muslim in particular.

Fareeda Jussa: Actually,  my university journey was so hectic and fantastic at the same time. Starting with my academic life, frankly speaking tertiary education is so involving , you need to put in a lot of effort and concentration more especially when you are in first year as everything is different from secondary education.

Many people find it difficult to adapt with the new teaching and learning environment because of that school becomes a burden to our lives but once you adapt to that environment every thing is simple all you have to do is stay focused and put more effort.

With me, my first year was hectic, because it  was a double cohort, many of our classes were being conducted in the Great Hall so it was really hard for me to capture things in class.

coming to my secular  and Islamic life , UNIMA was the best home ever. People always think that if your a Muslim and selected to UNIMA,  then your Islamic life style will be gone. If you were dressing Islamically  (Muslim girls to be specific ) then you will stop or change your behavior,  that’s a lie. I remember a lot of people telling me that I will stop dressing Islamically once I am there  but I challenged them, I finished as I started.

I even approached one of them when I finished my fourth  year to see that I am still the same Muslim girl they used to see before going to UNIMA.

Bright Malenga: How essential is your program to the country and the Muslim community?

Fareeda Jussa: Our program helps to  deeply understand politics that the politicians are doing. All the the decisions which are made by politicians we have to understand them. Sit down have a lot of research , look for policies which talk about that or something similar.

When it comes to government as well we are supposed to do the same as citizens we are the government too therefore there is need to know what is happening in all fields and sectors. Understand why we have different systems of government , why certain countries choose particular system of government.

…And also in political science,  we study why some countries are poor and others rich. Some countries were rich back then but now poor we are interested to find out what really happened from the beginning up to now. People must know.

Why countries go into different wars. A very good example is the war between Ukraine and Russia. That did not just start , there is a need to find out more about it. The reasons which they tell us ,we need to find out the root cause and immediately solutions, that’s political science. Just to mention a few.

Bright Malenga: Tell us your secondary education journey.

Fareeda Jussa: I did my secondary school at Mama Khadija Girls Academy in Mangochi district. I scored 18 points and that was  in 2015. In 2016, I was selected to UNIMA  but unfortunately I started in 2017 due to the demonstrations.

Bright Malenga: What are your future plans?

Fareeda Jussa : My plan now is to start farming as I will be looking for a job. Which type of crop I am yet to decide but I will go for  irrigation farming. I really like farming , whenever I see local farmers they encourage me a lot and I always say I can do better than them. I am aspiring to have a big farm In Sha Allah. Maloto sang’ amba and all of that will be done in my free time as I will be looking for a Job.  In the near future I would like to do Masters of Development Studies which is from my area of study too.

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