Celebrating Muslim Graduates at University of Malawi: Meet Paikene Mangani

In the segment dubbed “Celebrating Muslim Graduates at the University of Malawi” our Editor, Bright Malenga talks to Paikene Mangani.

Paikene is among the students graduated yesterday from the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

Bright Malenga: What is your full name and which program were you studying at the University of Malawi?

Paikene Mangani: My name is Paikene Mangani and I was doing a Bachelors Degree in Social Science. I majored in Economics and minored in Psychology

Bright Malenga: Tell us a brief summary of your program.

Paikene Mangani: Well, Social Science is a generic program. It basically encompasses a lot of courses that deal with humans in relations to the economies, and societies to be brief as well as individual behaviour.

So because I was doing a Social Science program, I could choose which field I want to go in, be it Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Demography, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration just to mention a few.

Bright Malenga: Tell us how was your academic journey at the University of Malawi and being a Muslim in particular.

Paikene Mangani: Well ! I’m sure you know being a Muslim student in this modern world has its challenges but it is especially challenging being in an environment like University of Malawi because it is dominated by people of other religions.

Muslims there are in very few numbers,  so finding the balance between your religion and being in such an environment is tough to manage. But I found that identifying yourself as a Muslim and associating with fellow Muslims is essential because it helps you stay on track. With school being as difficult as it can get and with all the stress that comes with university sometimes it can be easy lose yourself but identifying yourself as a Muslim helps you keep your head down.

In terms of the education itself it was no walk in the park but hard work, and seeking assistance pays off.

Bright Malenga: How essential is your program to the country and the Muslim community?

Paikene Mangani: Economics is essential to the well-being of a country. What we do is to manage how resources are allocated in the country and so economists are essential for the development of a country. So its a very important field because the economic state of Malawi is what determines the safety and well being of Malawians.

And knowing that Muslims are already a minority group in Malawi it is paramount to have more Muslims being economists to safeguard our economic rights

Bright Malenga: Do you mind telling us the class of your degree?

Paikene Mangani: I got a credit degree.

Bright Malenga: What is your advice to people who also wish to pursue your career?

Paikene Mangani: Well, I would advise them to know where they are coming from and where they want to be. Getting a degree is really not easy. You cry, you get sick but never give up and never lose yourself in the process. The papers are what we strive to get but Jannah is the goal.

Bright Malenga: Tell us your secondary education journey.

Paikene Mangani: I was at Bedir International school High school in Blantyre and I scored 18 points.

Bright Malenga: What are your future plans?

Paikene Mangani: I am planning to get a Masters Degree soon, In ShaaAllah. I am also hungry to build my career.

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