Chakwera says Independence means making Malawi better

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says Independence is not merely about liberty, prosperity saying Independence is about everyone making Malawi better for other citizens, neighbors, visitors and for prosperity.

Dr. Chakwera said while the founding fathers and mothers accomplished their goal of national liberation and their sons and daughters accomplished their goal of political liberation, it is this generation that must accomplish the goal of economic liberation.

Speaking in Lilongwe on 6th July marking Malawi’s 57th Independence Day, President Dr. Chakwera said when Malawians gather to pray as they did on Tuesday, it is to humble themselves before God and acknowledge his power to do things they cannot do, saying it is this idea of economic liberation that inspires the theme of this year’s Independence Day ‘’Building an inclusive, wealthy, and self-reliant nation.

President Dr. Chakwera said Malawians must never think that God will change his formula for prosperity, it is them who must change to make that formula work for them saying God’s formula for prosperity is productivity and productivity means doing more and more or better and better the useful things that make Malawi better than Malawians found her.

He asked Malawians to question themselves that when they see people putting ugly decorations at roundabouts, stop and ask them, is what you are doing making Malawi better.

“When you see people walking around without masks or social distance, when you see a Minister posting nonsense on social media, stop and ask them, is what you are doing making Malawi better?” said Dr. Chakwera.

President Dr. Chakwera said if Malawians asking each other this question, if they stay vigilant and watch over this nation and if they ensure that they do not stand idly by or fold their hands, if they each apply themselves to something that makes Malawi better, then economic liberation will not be the dream of their Independence, it will finally be their destiny.

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