Communities Urged to Refrain from Mob Justice

Communities around Malomo Trading Centre in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in Ntchisi district have been urged to refrain from mob justice by not taking the law into their own hands.

The call was made on Tuesday March 31 2020 at Malomo Police Unit by Acting Commissioner responsible for Central Region Evalista Chisale, where some people torched the police unit after police officers wanted to rescue a suspected blood sucker.

She said traditional leaders should take a leading role in sensitizing their subjects on the dangers of mob Justice but not perpetrating violence.

She lamented that the issue of blood sucking is fast spreading, a thing which is just a rumour as no one has come in the open to claim has been sucked blood.

In her remarks, Member of Parliament (MP) for the area Jacqueline Chikuta apologised on what people did on torching the police unit and promised the commissioner to renovate the police unit in few days.

On his part, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chilooko thanked the commissioner for not having the idea of closing the police unit.

Chilooko promised to take part in the renovation of the police unit including his subjects.

“This has affected us a lot. People who have done this should be arrested and held accountable. I will join hands with my subjects and reconstruct the building”,said Chilooko.

During the meeting, Chisale also distributed protective gears to Ntchisi Police Station and malomo Police Unit that were donated by Malawians of Asian origin to control covid-19 pandemic.

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