Coronavirus! Chinese National Found with Masks at KIA

Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) Police has intercepted and seized 2, 259 masks from a Chinese national who attempted to export them to China.

Liu Rishan, 38, whose passport number is E27915003, was intercepted on Tuesday while on his way back home on Ethiopian Airlines after a visit to his relative in Lilongwe.

Aiport Police Public Relations Officer Sapulain Chitonde sad upon his arrival at KIA’s main entrance door to the departure’s lounge, officers manning the X-ray machine observed some strange items which were detected by the machine and physical search was instituted which exposed the said medical masks mixed up with some biscuits and chocolates.

Chitend Lee has confirmed the development.

“He was asked to produce supporting documents following the stop order by the government, dated 14 February 2020, which temporarily restricted exportation of medical products following the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus in China,”

“Rishan failed to produce the documents leading to the seizure of the masks,” Chitonde said.

Meanwhile, Director of Airport Police Securities Mr. Tiyese M.Chiumbuzo has since warned those buying the masks or any other Coronavirus related products with an aim of smuggling them out to stop.

He has further reminded all security agents manning all the airports in the country as well as the land borders to be vigilant and enhance the searching of passengers.

Rishan, however, told the police that he wanted to export the masks to help his family back in China from contracting the deadly Coronavirus.

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