Al Hajj Abdullah Kalisinje’s Last Journey



A dark cloud has fallen over Balaka after the announcement of the death of Al Hajj Abdullah Kalisinje who passed away last night at Blantyre Adventist Hospital after a long illness.

The remains of Al Hajj Kalisinje who until his death was the Chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi for Machinga District for obver 10 years, will be will be taken to Soche Masjid in the morning and later on buried at Chendausiku in Balaka.

Al Hajji Abdullah Kalisinje, who was also an active United Democratic Front (UDF) member will be remembered for his peace making initiatives. He was once beaten in 2004 in Mzuzu after he went there to plead with fellow Muslims not to engage in violent protests over alleged al-Qaeda suspects who were whisked away by the US government.

He was also an active da’ee on comparative religion with Mazeze Islamic Revival of the late Yusuf Kanyamula.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayihi rajiuun.

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