Dr Shareef Blocks MAM’s 20 Million Kwacha Fund From Muslim World League

Former secretary general of Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) is allegedly to have blocked a 20 million Kwacha funding from Muslim World League (MWL).

The fund was meant for the association to assist the needy, apparently in two southern region districts of Nsanje and Chikhwawa that were hit by floods late last year and in other hunger stricken areas such as Balaka and Mangochi.

According to the information, which this website has gathered, MAM had successfully applied for the relief aid but it was instructed to engage Dr Shareef as a facilitator of the project.

MAM chairperson Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad confirmed the development saying they refused to liaise with Dr Shareef since he is no longer working for the association.

Surprisingly, MWL officials insisted that for the money to be given to MAM, Dr Shareef has to facilitate the program.

The insistence did not go well with MAM and a tag of war and change of bitter words between the association’s Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar and MWL’s official who is based in South Africa Abdul-Aziz Khamis began.

Angrily, MWL cancelled the project in the country and shifted it to Mozambique.

When asked why MWL insisted that he should be in charge of the program and not MAM itself, Dr Sherriff said, “I am the country’s Director for Muslim World League. Everything that comes from this organisation to come into our country has to be approved by me because I am their employee.

“Iam really startled why MAM could afford losing such amount of money on personal grounds. After all, the money would have been sent into the association’s account, not mine. My job was just to see if the program has been implemented accordingly. ”

Reports indicate that during the previous MAM regime in which Dr Shareef worked as Secretary General, MWL has been sending money for the relief through Dr Shareef’s personal account.

Dr Shareef confirmed that the money was really deposited into his personal account. He however said it was so because the project was not for MAM.

“MAM had no project for relief. I was requesting it on my personal capacity as a MWL country representative… Nevertheless, when implementing, I was taking it as a MAM thing since it was where I was working.

‘’There are several things I did while at MAM, not as SG but as Country Director for MWL including building over 25 masjids across the country,” he said.

He therefore stressed that MAM should not be pretentious as the program belonged to him challenging that if he wanted to do it this year, he would have done it with no any problem.

“But with these misunderstandings, I thought it was better to leave it. Those people they don’t know me,” he said, adding MAM will not get anything from MWL until it amend its relationship with him.

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