Entries to Ramadhan Competition in Malawi Encouraging-Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia based Committee of  Da’wah in Africa has described the entries to the competition of the Malawian Muslims as encouraging that will keep the country in the list of African countries to benefit from their programme.

The coordinator of the committee in Malawi Sheikh Muadh Nadhwi of Blantyre Islamic Mission said this at the prize presentation to the second group of winners who did not get their way to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

Sheikh Nadhwi said the objective of the competition is to bring awareness to Muslims in Malawi that Islam and Shia are two different faiths.

The Shias are capitalizing their wealth to confuse the poor and vulnerable African Muslims from the truth.

“The Saudi based committee of da’wah wants to clear the misconceptions that the prophet hood of Muhammad was for his cousin Ali as the Shia group  says  confusing the poor muslims in Africa, therefore we want muslims to be aware of what they are up to in Islam”,  said Sheikh Nadhwi.

Committee of  Da’wah in Africa has 35 countries in Africa that will benefit from the programme that will be answering the questions in the month of Ramadhan every year.

Blantyre Islamic Mission in collaboration with Islamic Information Bureau reached out the competition to Muslims in the country.

The National Coordinator of the Islamic Information Bureau Sh Dinala Chabulika attended the executive meeting in Saudi Arabia and says the programme will bring different topics to Africa.

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