Get Paid for Writing for Malawi Muslims Official Website


Are you an aspiring Muslim writer who would like to have a chance to practice your writing skills? Are you a Muslim researcher and want the public to know about your findings? Are you in a midst of a breaking news and you would like to report what you have seen? Or are you a gifted writer who wants to share your knowledge about Islam to the people?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, then you need to know the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t switch off your computer but start writing for Malawi Muslims Official Website.

1. Thousands of page views

MalawiMuslims.Com is indexed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. There are very powerful providers of traffic which will help increase the exposure of your work to millions of people.

Imagine sharing a single Hadeeth that is viewed by thousands of people a day, how many blessings will Allah shower on you? You will be fulfilling your role of spreading the message of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to the world.

2. You may save a soul from hell

Allah says on Charter 3 v 85 of the Holy Quran that whoever chooses a religion other than Islam, it shall never be accepted from him and he shall be a loser on the hereafter. Your inspiring and enriching articles may catch a lost soul somewhere in the world who may be inspiried and revert to Islam. You may save him from hellfire by the power of the pen. Someone could be assisted after reading your inspiring story and that person shall become an ever grateful soul in his whole life thereby increasing your bounties from Allah.

3. You will measure your writing skills

Do you have a creative mind or witnessed an important story but can’t figure out how to put those thoughts on paper? Just send your story and we will do the rest. Little by little you will learn how a talented writer that you are.  Based on the feedback that you shall be receiving, you will learn on how to structure your thoughts into eye catching stories, thus enabling you to improve your writing and research skills. Click HERE for a guide on how you can write your articles.

4. You will build your resume

Employers nowadays have a tendency of employing only experienced people, of which you are not. Why not start writing for MalawiMuslims.Com and demonstrate your capabilities? Writing and PR jobs require good writers and you will be able to show how much you can write on your own. You can show your profile to your prospective employers and you won’t have to worry anything about ‘experience.’ Now you can click HERE for a guide on how you can write your articles.

5. You will be paid

Yes, you have got it right. You will be paid. If you are a journalism student and your story gets published on your favourite website MalawiMuslims.Com, you will be paid. Malawi Muslims Official Website has bicycles to motivate aspiring writers in Malawi and you may be the lucky winner if you send regular news articles to us. If three of them gets published in a month for three consecutive months, you instantly qualify to win. Need cash? Publish two 500 words articles for three consecutive months and stand a chance of winning one of the three MK 20,000.00 cash prizes, which will be sent to you by post. (These offers close on 30 September, 2014)

Why wait? Start writing now by clicking on this LINK, which will guide you on how to send your stories to us. and start conducting your dawah at the comfort your desk! It doesn’t matter if you are not regularly connected to the internet, just write your article and send it by email to info[at] It’s that simple!

May be you are always busy as a bee and you have no time to write long stories, just contact us on facebook or twitter to break the news as it happens in your area and update us as it unfolds.

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