Govt blamed on failure to act on school’s schedule affecting Muslim students

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation CHRR through its ‘Learn Without Fear Project’ has condemned government for its failure to respond to the request by Muslims in Karonga to change the school schedule especially on Friday to allow them attend prayers without missing lessons.

Learn without fear Project manager stain Katuli said he is concerned with the delay despite that government promised to implement the new school schedule during their meeting held recently.

“This development is very worrisome because it is infringing rights of learners especially of acquiring education,” Katuli told Radio Islam Malawi.

According to Katuli this problem for so long has been affecting the performance of Muslim learners in public schools since they have been missing   classes in the afternoon of Fridays.

“This has significantly reduced the number of Muslim students in public schools in the district despite that their parents are taxpayers.

“There is a need to have a discussion with other stakeholders as well so that this problem should be put to rest because we cannot allow this to continue,” Katuli said.

Commenting on the matter deputy minister for education David Ng’ambi admitted to have seen the request but said government is still working on the matter

However, he failed to give the dates when this will start to be implemented claiming that government is still consulting relevant stakeholders on the matter.


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