Govt Reiterates on Ending Persistent Blackouts

Malawi Government says it is committed to end energy challenges facing the country.

Government says it is putting in place several measures to end the energy woes rocking the country.

The remarks come following the signing of the Relationship Agreement for the 350MW Mpatamanga Peaking Hydropower Project between the Government of Malawi (GOM), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Scatec ASA’s Hydropower Joint Venture, and Électricité de France (EDF) presided over by Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola and Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe.

Speaking during the event, Matola said today’s ceremony marks another memorable day in the history of power development in this country.

“The signing of the Relationship Agreement we have just witnessed is a huge milestone in the development of the Mpatamanga Hydropower Project in Neno as it concludes the procurement process of a private investor – the Scatec and EDF Consortium, which started in January 2020 after the launch of the Request for Proposals,” he said.

The Energy Minister said the 350MW Mpatamanga Peaking Hydropower Project will not only double the installed capacity of hydropower in Malawi, but also improve the power supply security, provide opportunities for increased renewable energy generation capacity in the country and contribute to the controlling of the flow of the Shire River downstream the power plant.

“The GOM is indebted to its Partners in achieving this milestone which is a major step in the development of this Project,” Matola said.

The country is facing persistent blackouts that is affecting several sectors such as manufacturing, education, health and small scale enterprises among others.

The development is affecting the country’s economic growth. Malawi Government has been assuring Malawians to end the energy crisis in the country. Recently, government promised Malawians to end the problem by 24 December,2022.

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