Govt Sadenned with the death of Councilor Kapira

Malawi Government has expressed its grief at the unexpected loss of Chitipa Wenya Councilor Pearson Kapira, who died in a car accident.

Speaking at the burial ceremony on Wednesday, low-toned Deputy Minister of Local Government Halima Daud stated that the government is concerned about such deaths because they have a huge impact on development goals.

“It is with great sadness that we are here today to bid farewell to one of the development-minded councilors who has worked tirelessly to better the state of this area and the living standards of people in the Chitipa district. The State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is devastated by the loss, which is why he has asked me here to represent him and express his sympathies to the grieving family.

“Councilor Kapira was a very hardworking man who was always trying to prove a point, and it is my hope that when the by-election comes up, you will be able to make the same good decision you made when choosing the late Kapira.” Daud stated.

Daud believes that industrious councilors like late Kapira make it easier for the government and the local people to work together, and that his death is a setback.

“Councillors operate as bridges between government and the local people; they are the people that communicate your issues to government, so when something like this happens, it is a step back in the development activities in that area,” she explained.

She has since requested that councilors across the country develop positive working relationships with Members of Parliament in their respective areas.

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