Guest Opinion: What’s The Use of Ijtmah?

If I might have given a chance to say something on Ijtimah issue my standpoint would be “NO TO IJTIMA”. This is to contend that since this historical program started, I personally do not see its fruits. Please do not quote me wrong by saying this because I can justify my argument.

The Mawaiza (ulaliki) conducted in these ijtimahs is what people hear in every Friday prayers and in Dawah gatherings and if not in every day prayers and Radio Islam is doing a tremendous job in this part; zamaliro (funeral), corruption, zaukwati (Nikah), Jannah and jahannam are some of the daily topics.

But where is ‘Think Tank’ for Malawian Muslims? When will they start strategizing on how best to take Islam higher in the country? Yes without any mere doubt where Muslims gather and remember Allah Angels make Dua for them and Allah pour blessings upon them, but does this mean that they should abandon their Dunya? I don’t think so! Annual general meeting of that caliber should and must encompass all variety of issues affecting the Muslim Ummah ranging from politics, economy to social status of the Ummah. And what is funny enough is that at the end of every Ijtimh the organizing committee read the resolutions confidently to the gathering and assures them that all issues will be addressed, but alas! Come the next Ijtimah no report or feedback of what transpired from the last gatherings is given. And to make it worse, every Ijtimah has a sorely new budget which illustrates that no balance is carried forward from the last Ijtimah. How far can we go with this type of mismanagement of funds?

People and Sheikhs come from all over the country but nothing is done to address these essential issues. Kodi anzathu amipingo yinayi sitimawawona zomwe amachita? They utilize general meetings as forums where hot issues are seriously tackled nanga ife bwanji? No wander, everything is passing through our mouth since we don’t involve ourselves in matters of national interest. We ignore range of issues of national interest as if we are living in another planet. How far do we expect to be included when we don’t contribute? No food for lazy Man! Wise people said.

I therefore suggest that Ijtimah if it has to be maintained should be a forum and platform where issues not only Mawaiza, but also other important issues should be discussed in a closed room with maturity.

When we look at the budget of every Ijtimah we find that a lot of resources are wasted instead of utilizing them in other vital projects. Sheikhs and organizers take the great portion of the resources in the name of allowances and rest house, Motel or Hotel bills. This sad and shameful development is happening at the time when the Ummah is crying foul for better education of the Muslim Child. How many poor Muslim young stars failing to go to school because of fees? How many more infants and their mothers lose their lives due to lack of availability of medication? The issue of the construction of Islamic University in Malawi is the song of the day in the month of Muslims, but what is surprising is that nothing so far has been done to let the dream become true. Do we think that the money will come from heaven? The little millions wasted for Ijtimah, don’t we think that can push as a pace forward towards the realization of our dream? Look at the so called Muslim Clinic in Chirazulu is in shambles and not worthy to be called a Clinic, can’t we use the money  we waste to upgrade it and equip it for the betterment of the Muslim Ummah. Again this is not to argue that Ijtimah has no benefit to the spiritual life of the Muslim but we are analyzing it in the framework of contrasting between             cost –benefit analysis.

For a Muslim to worship Allah properly he must have a good life. The Holly Qur’an Unequivocally stated that:

“But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters.”

Wise Ummah prepares for both Dunyah and hereafter. Change the system of Ijtimah if not according to me then let it go; abolish it!

And you people struggling for the position, how far do you think will you keep on doing this? You forget that we had people who did the same but where are they today? I strongly believe that Muslims of this country are tired with your names, ponder and choose your fate! Allah is closely watching you and one day things will turn upside down!

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