His Eminence Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad: The Leader we Know and Trust

There is no exaggeration to confidently claim that the Malawi Muslim Ummah has the right man on the driving seat
who understand the dictates of being a driver. Borrowing from Kamuzu Banda’s wisdom words “No Country is poor if a man on top knows what to do.

The Country is poor because the man on top is poor in brains, he has not got anything there” equally we can say no single organization on earth is poor if the man running its affairs is sharp there.

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has had distinguished various leaderships which also contributed to the growth of Islam in the Country. The story of the likes of late Sheikh Hussein Mwarabu visionary leadership cannot be left aside without being given a credit it deserves. Foundations of good leadership of the Association were strongly belt by his wisdom leadership. May Allah grant him Jannah.

Today, we have yet another giant leader, the Eminence Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad. Stories of his courage to face the outside World and high profile dignitaries are all over the social media domain. If it is not today you read about him and his foreign engagements, then it’s tomorrow you read about him that he is far Million miles away from his birth land searching and poaching for the betterment of his Ummah he leads.

Yes, a lot of developments have taken shape during his tenure of office since he took over from the respected late Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula.

Another Muslim giant Muslims need to celebrate his life. It is not easy at all to assume such a huge national contentious position for someone who could count number of years since he came back to Islam. This demonstrates that Islam is indeed the Deen and a way of life that is grounded in a system that holds no discrimination traits among its followers.

Let’s not forget, our main story is about the current giant we have on the top mantle of the Muslim Association of Malawi; yes, we mean Eminence Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad! Works of his hands are the best witness of what this piece of paper presents that he is a good leader with developmental conscious. I don’t know if one can simply ignore the proliferation of Masjids across the country. So too I don’t I doubt if one can ignore various developmental projects initiated by this giant.

Ranging from construction of Islamic Primary schools, new school blocks, portable water from hundreds of boreholes drilled in various parts across the country and many more.

And of recent, we are talking of a magnificent Imam Bukhari Islamic Centre belt by Annamariq in Mangochi under his leadership. Even when you go as far as northern region, you will be astonished with a modern school this giant erected in Nkhatabay- Chitheche and uncountable Mosques and other developments in the region. All these projects depict visionary leadership this giant holds for the Malawi Muslim Ummh in particular and the human society in general.

We have seen him a couple of days in Turkish land. Very soon Malawians will see him visiting many countries ever than before. All such trips organized not for his personal gains but for the betterment of the Malawi Ummah. He who knows this Man closely as I do, will testify that he is not an egoistic leader. He is a man who put national interest upfront and he trails behind it with all effort to achieve the best for his followers.

Hundreds of people benefit from his ever stretched hand! Yes, I mean the hand that is ever up. Drops from it are like heavy uncountable drops of rains. It is no false claim at all to posit that many families have their children in schools, and some have graduated by his support. It you want to know more about him that he is not on his personal mission, try to visit his residence in Machinjiri, there and then you will understand what a leader he is.

Leaving his humble life is a sign of a good leader who need our massive support. People of his status and calibre have multimillions residences and countless treasures, but his case is diametrically different.

Malawi Muslims, this is the man to render your support on his mission so that together we can accomplish more. Let’s say Alahmadulillah for this gift Allah bestowed upon the Malawi Muslim Ummah.

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