“I thought Muslims Are ‘Cruel And Selfish”- Says QUECH Official

Mrs Mary Hara

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Matron Mrs. Mary Hara said she was very pleased with Muslim Women’s visit at her hospital saying they have proved wrong rumours that Muslims in Malawi are “selfish and cruel.”

Mrs Hara was speaking after Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) organized a tour to share joys of the Holy Eid-ul-Adhuha with kith and kin at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre on Wednesday.

“ On behalf of chief Matron here at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital I am very happy with the coming in of these Muslim women here and share the little they had with my patients. Patients lack a lot of things, not only food but also love from their friends and relatives. So with their coming, they have shown love which God commands us to do.  I think people should take a lesson from  here because some say that Muslims are selfish and cruel but today you have proved them wrong and we have seen that Muslims are also Malawians,” Hara told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

On her remarks, sister Aisha Sambuka who was the coordinator of the organizing committee said it pleased her organization to visit the hospital because she believes that patients lack love and care from their family and friends.

“You know this is time of sharing. So we thought it wise to come here and share with patients the little we have,” she told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

“I would also ask all organizations in Malawi to come here because these people lacks our support. God can not give them directly but He uses people like us,” she said.

Among other things, the organisation distributed the sacrificial meat, soap and sugar to over 150 patients including staff and security guards in Ward 6A and Burns Unit.

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