ICJF Advocates for Masjid Ownership by Locals

Ajasi: It’s everyone’s responsibility to look after our masjid

The Islamic commission for justice and Freedom has appealed to Muslims in the country to be fully responsible for the maintenance of their masjids.

The call has been made by the national coordinator of the organisation Shaibu Abdu Rahman Ajasie at the workshop held at Blantyre lodge in the city of Blantyre on Sunday.

Ajasie says that Muslims should change their mindset on how they manage their prayer houses.

“Masjid committees should take full responsibilities to develop their masjids. They should come up with projects that will develop their masjids. They should also be creative enough and come with modern ways to fundraise for their respective masjids rather than waiting for those who built the masjids,” said Ajasie.

ICJF coordinator also reminded masjid committees that they should start respecting their imams at their respective masjids.

“Our Asian Muslim brothers respect their sheikhs that they even call them MAULANAS. They are given good houses to live, they are well taken care of. We should also emulate the same and start respecting our masjid imams,” he said.

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