Inmates Can Perform Wonders-Chiyenda


Islamic Information Bureau coordinator for Limbe-Blantyre , sheikh Ahmed Chiyenda, said that Muslim Inmates are in a better position to perform various religious duties while inside prison than those who are moving around freely.

He said this in respect to a muslim inmate who passed 2013 Malawi School Certificate of Examination with 26 points. He also hailed those inmates who are doing good with Islamic curriculum and tertiary education .

In his speech as a guest of honour, sheikh Chiyenda, quoted one companion (of prophet Muhammad) who wrote volumes of hadeeths through his students who frequently visited him, and are used by muslims today. He also quoted prophet Yusuf who, after faithfully serving his time in prison, was elevated in status by Allah to a position of Minister of Agriculture and Food Security in the land of Egypt.

The sheikh encouraged all those muslim inmates to work hard in all circles of education so that they be self reliant when they are out of prison.

In a separate interview with our correspondent, sheikh Chiyenda hailed the organisers and thanked Allah for making him part of the deal.

Youthful sheikh promised to report all that has been requested by the inmate representative to his seniors and hoped to respond positively as soon as possible.

Amongst the needed items is a prayer house in form of a tent.

The gathering was organised on 24 November, 2013 by Mgwirizano women who hail from Soche Hill, in coordination with sheikh S. Masha and sheikh Shuaib Jafar who also happen to be the teachers inside the prison.

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