Islam is not only for the people of town-Chiefs

The only good mosque in Mbatamila village built by MAM

Chiefs from Balaka district have expressed concern on the ‘disproportion’ they are facing from other charitable Islamic organizations in Malawi, the tendency that forced them to say “Islam is not only for the people who are living in town but also in the villages.” Malawi Muslim Official Website can reveal.

This was revealed on Sunday when Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) stormed in Mbatamila village where they donated items like blankets and soap to the Muslim orphans.

On speaking on behalf of T/A Msamala at the function, brother Lameki Black said they wonder why people in their district are praying in dilapidated mosques yet some Muslims in town and other areas are enjoying with dozens of good Mosques.

“Let me ask other Islamic organizations in Malawi that they have also to come here and give us some good mosque. Look at this mosque, which was built in 1996 by Muslim Association of Malawi and we don’t use in rainy season because it leaks. Let us know that Islam is not only for the people of town but even here in the village we have people who are Muslims as well.” Said brother Black.

Sister Nazreen Pilani Mia, Member of Parliament for Balaka west confirmed on the development but promised people in the area that they will have good mosque soon.

“It is true we have a lot of problems here of mosques. Go to Mangochi today, you will see that mosques are everywhere. So to my part as an MP I have already acquired two donations for mosques and submitted proposals to other organizations which confirms that soon we will have good mosques,” said Mia.

The MP also advised people in their area to take part in the development of Muslim community rather than just depending on organizations.

“Let me appeal to all people of this area that it is high time for us also to take part in the development rather than just depending on other organizations to come and assist us. Let us collect sand, mould bricks so that we should have our own orphanage care and mosques so that when those organizations come to help us, they should appreciate that we have already started to help ourselves.” She said.

Mbatamila village found in Balaka west, few kilometers away from Balaka Township and it has only one good mosque, according to the village headman Mbatamila.

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