Islamic Relief Donates to Muslim Prisoners

Islamic Relief 3

As Muslims are observing the month of Ramadan there are a number of organizations and individuals who are helping those who are in need of iftaar in during their fasting.

It is against this background that an international humanitarian and development organization by the name of Islamic Relief thought it wise to donate some food packs to some prisons to assist the Muslim prisoners as they are fasting.

Sherifa Mia Head of Programmes for the organization said that the decision follows a request they received from Malawi Prisons Board to help them with some food items specially to help the Muslim prisoners.

“Malawi Prisons Board approached us to help them with food packs to give Muslim prisoners because they do not have enough food to break the fasting hence our donation,” she said.

Mia also said that this is the first time for their organization to do this in Malawi after Zimbabwe.

On his part Sammy Kachepa Secretary General for Malawi Prisons Board thanked Islamic Relief organization for responding to their request.

He said their organization is facing some challenges to fulfil the needs of Muslim prisoners especially during this month of Ramadan that is the reason why they asked for support from Islamic Relief organization.

“We are very grateful because this is the first time for us as an organization to approach them for assistance and they have tresponded positively. We are calling other well wishers to follow suit because they are a lot of things that Muslim prisoners are lacking,” he said.

Kachepa added that the help should not only be done during this time only but always.

The food packs have been donated to Chichiri, Bvumbwe and Zomba Central prisons and they are rice, cooking oil, beans, salt and sugar.

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