Lack of financial support hampers Malawi’s first ever Hijab fashion show

Though prominent sheikhs blessed it, Malawi Muslims must still wait to witness the first ever hijab fashion show.

According to Hijab Muslim Sisters Organisation (HIMSO) vice Chairlady Shereen Edna Kanonji, this development is due to lack of financial support.

The much-touted event which sparked controversy before prominent sheikhs chipped in to give the function a green light was initially scheduled to take place in November 2011.

The event is mainly aimed at encouraging Muslim sisters to be dressing according to their religion.

This comes at a time when some Muslim girls are reportedly seen dressing hijab that exposes their physical body in the country which is a secular state.

Some Muslims thought the event was an imitation of that organised by non-Muslims.

HIMSO vice Chairlady Shereen Edna Kanonji said her organisation might hold the event in April this year.

“Though we do not have much funds to arrange the function but we think we have waited for so long and Muslims are really frustrated with this delay.

“As of now we have only managed to solicit food and the venue which have been offered to us by one of the Asian Muslims,” she said.

Kanonji therefore urged Muslim Organisations and Individuals to come forward and assist so that the event should take place according to their plan.

Last year during the Muslim Women Ijtma which was held in Dowa, Malawi’s First Lady Callista Mutharika urged Muslim women to be putting on hijab regardless of their profession.

As a role model, one of the Muslim female legislators from Balaka district Nazreen Pilani had to put on hijab when the state President was opening the 43rd session of Parliament in Lilongwe this month.

Recently, the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi (NMCM) responded to the Islamic Information Bureau’s request to allow Muslim nurses to wear Hijab (headscarf) while on duty.

The development comes in after the immigration department also allowed the Muslim women to wear hijab when having their photographs taken for use in a passport.

“Apart from encouraging the Muslim girls to be dressing accordingly, there will also be lectures from prominent Muslim women, hijab dressing and quiz competition and live performance of nasheeds from local Muslim artists,” Kanonji added.

Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi in Blantyre

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