Let’s Bring God in the Fight Against Coronavirus

The lab images of COVID- 19

The lab images of COVID- 19

Many years ago, the human race had a peaceful habitat as it is today, with slight bumps. It is real that centuries in between transformed how things should be perceived but that is normal and lack substantiated facts to be debatable.

Circumstances in the world are normal but persistence of such challenges thwart country’s plans to move from low to middle economy. The world is sailing through a weird ocean that needs collective efforts to be dealt with.

The current pandemic (COVID-19) needs an extraordinary eye to be viewed . The pandemic demands bringing great minds together. The fight against the pandemic needs a swam brilliant, committed and determined bees. Bees that will sacrifice time to leave the hive for the betterment of mankind.

However, the pandemic needs divine intervention to be a history. God love His servants and He can never allow His people to be languishing forever. It is high time for the world to seek God’s intervention as it has already been the case in some countries such as Uganda and Kenya.

Yesterday, Kenya and Uganda held prayers asking God to remove the current venom that is claiming many lives. It is mandatory to put God in whatever we do BUT it is very important to involve always involve God in every battle. We should unconditionally trust in His capabilities because He can doctor a situation drastically. Malawi can also follow suit even thou the country has not registered any case to date.

Let us continue observing the precautionary measures set by World Health Organisation against COVID-19. We should also abide to restrictions set by our countries to defeat this deadly disease.

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