Low Percentage of Muslims Admitted Into UNIMA Worries MWO, Asks JB to Intervene

Lipenga -This is bad
Lipenga -This is bad

Low percentage of Muslim students admitted into the University of Malawi has shocked Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) and it has since asked President Dr Joyce Banda to intervene on the issue.

Last month, University of Malawi (UNIMA) released a press statement which saw only 25 Muslims out of 908 candidates being admitted into the UNIMA, the thing which has not pleased the Muslim community.

However, speaking during the official opening of this year’s Muslim women Ijtmah in Lunzu, Blantyre, MWO Southern Regional Chairlady Mrs Asiyatu Lipenga expressed her disappointment with the results saying they will discourage other Muslim students to sit for entry exams in future.

“I was wondering to see that out of thousands people who were selected into this year’s university entrance, there were only 25 Muslims. At first, I thought their grades were poor but I was shocked to see that even those who got 15 points were left out.

“This is very disappointing to as mothers who struggles to do different things to send these children to school. I therefore ask Your Excellency Dr Joyce Banda to find out what the problem is because we are very disappointed. And I think as a mother, you may share the same pain we are feeling now,” said Lipenga.

In her remarks, President Dr Joyce Banda who was also a Guest of Honour has promised the women that she will do everything possible to find out the root cause of the problem.

“It is not only you. Last week I was in Mzuzu where I found the same story. But I am assuring you that I will try my best to find out why it is like that,” she said.

On the related development, Mrs Lipenga bemoaned the tendency of other schools that still denies Muslim girls to wear hijab during classes despite the Malawi’s Penal Code gives everyone freedom of dressing regardless of religious affiliation.

“Your Excellency, despite you assuring us – giving us go ahead to wear Hijab everywhere, there are still other people who reject our girls to put on Hijab. Not only that, the girls are also denied a right to perform Jumuah prayers on Fridays, which is bad and we want you to intervene as well,” lamented highly charged Mrs Lipenga.

Responding to the call, President Dr Joyce Banda condemned the act and reiterated that a Muslim woman is like anyone else therefore needs to be respected and deserves a right of dressing as enshrined in the constitution of the country regardless of her faith.

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