Two Malawian Muslims Expected to Represent Mai Aisha Trust in Pakistani

Mai Aisha Trust, the Malawian-based non-profit Islamic organization is sending two participants to the ongoing 2011 International Human Resource Development Workshop in Pakistan.

The month long training course is organized annually at the Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University Islamabad and gathers participants from different countries in which Muslims are a minority. This year’s workshop started last week on March 3rd 2011.

The participants from Malawi are Jafar Idana, who will be attending on behalf of the Islamic Information Bureau Youth Desk and Abdul-Aziz Chimatiro, representing the Halaal Department. All these organizations are under Mai Aisha Trust.

Speaking to, Mai Aisha Trust Projects Director, Br. Abdul-aziz Yassin said it pleased his organization to send the representatives to the conference as one part of its human resource development program.

“Mai Aisha Trust has a program called “Human Resource Development” which deals with capacity building of our employees. So, we are sending these brothers so that they should go and appreciate what their friends from other countries are doing and apply that in their respective organisations when they come back,” said the director.

Jafar Idana could not hold his excitement about the trip and has assured Malawian Muslims that they will benefit a lot from his trip.

“Actually, I am very happy to go there because I will learn a lot from my friends of other countries and I promise to my fellow Malawians that, they will benefit from me as well when I come back,” he said.

“(While there) I will talk about the good work of Malawi Muslim Official Website, Al-bayani Media Productions and Malawi Ummah website, apart from the advances that Muslims in general have done so far in Malawi. This is just a part of informing the world what Malawian Muslims are doing now towards the development of the Muslim community,” he told when he was preparing for his trip.

In the outlines of the Situation Report that was prepared by the two delegates, which Malawi Muslim Official Website has a copy, the delegates have compiled a comprehensive report about the main problems Malawi Muslim community is facing in terms of education, dawah work and health, among other things.

Mai Aisha Trust is an independent organization established in 2002. The purpose is to empower rural communities to improve their living conditions through different programs.

The organization runs many programs like food security, education, health, skills training, water sanitation, micro-finance, human resource development. printing and publishing.

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