Malawi Muslim Scholar Mugged: “A call To Stop Such Barbaric Act”

chabulikaThe story that One of the respected Malawi Muslim scholar  Sheikh Dinala Chabulika who is also the National coordinator  of Islamic Information has been mugged last night in his residence at Namiyango township  in  city of Blantyre  by un known thugs has been criticized by many Malawians, Muslims and   Non-Muslims alike.

The thugs came in the wee hours of Sunday demanding nothing else but his life. Sources closes to the Sheikh says that he is not  ruling out the possibility that he is being targetted because he  is part of the team from Muslim Association of Malawi which is distributing  floor donated by United Arab Emirates through Malawi government.

It is very shocking news that some people could think to the extent of killing someone just because he is working with government of the day or affiliated to the party that is in power and is aiding the needy.

In all fairness, every Malawian is free to join any party as per constitution, and Sheikh Dinala is not exception although he is not a member of the governing party, even if he was one, I don’t see anything wrong, after all the donation whether it came from an Arab country through President Banda or if it came from any other country through anyone else, what is wrong for Muslims to benefit?

I fail to understand especially to those that are hired to carry out such dangerous activities of killing a sacred life. What people are forgetting is that in 1994 Malawians voted multiparty system of government which meant that even in families, people will have different parties. When we have different political parties that does not mean that the one who is not in your party is not a Muslim. Unfortunately this is what is happening in our communities especially in Muslim communities.

I urge whoever is behind such an act to kindly immediately stop and ask forgiveness from Allah because whatever we do on this earth indeed we shall be asked and accounted for on the last day. No one will remain on this earth for life.

It does not make any sense to kill one person when we know that voters are many, and they will make their own independent decisions when they are alone at the polling station , so why killing someone who is not even known to some houses in this small country . I know it is just a myth that some people have in their minds that such a Sheikh is influential in the Muslim community so whatever he says Muslims will believe, therefore let us kill him. They think in so doing they will have Muslims votes.  I don’t think so, it is not like that my dear Malawian friends, Malawians have now understood politics, and you cannot take them for granted. They know their story better than anyone else.

Trust me if you have facts, good policies on how to transform this country, Malawians will vote for you no matter what religion one is. We should not therefore be carried by assumptions that such community belongs to this party therefore let us kill them.  We will do injustice to many lives.

Am sure the campaigning period opens on 23rd march 2014, please let us just get geared up and woo the people through our party programmes and not through killing and threatening others as it has been experienced to our innocent scholar who is not a politician at all.

His sin is to distribute food to hungry poor Malawians who are entitled to receive government aid Malawi is for all of us whether we are Muslims or not, what is wrong for a Muslim to either receive and be part of distributing food to poor Malawians ? We do not have another country Malawi elsewhere where we are going to benefit from government resources at whatever level, so please let us learn politics of intolerance so that we can build a better Malawi for all.

Please  people accept the choice Malawi made championed by first democratically elected President Dr Bakili Muluzi the only Muslim at the time who could challenge Dr Kamuzu Banda for Malawi to have freedom of many things including freedom of forming and joining  associations which we  don’t want to accept today, May Allah guide us.


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