Malawi Muslim Women Living in UK Propagate Unity and Empowerment

Mrs Kaunde

The women wing of the Malawi Muslim Community in the United Kingdom (MAMCO UK) gathered in London to brainstorm and strategize on how it can assist both Muslim women of Malawian origin residing in the UK and those at home in Malawi.

The gathering drew participants from all parts of the UK and it offered a platform for members of the community to share ideas on development and women empowerment. Organising Secretary of the event, Mrs Patricia Kaunde thanked the Muslim women in the UK for their unity and hard work towards the community.

 “It is very important that we should stay united in this country and focus on what we came to achieve while enhancing ourselves. We must also endeavour to be good citizens of this country and be exemplary to the communities we are part of”, she said, stressing that they represent Malawi in this part of the world.

 According to Mrs Kaunde, the Muslim woman has a very important and pivotal role to play in shaping society.

Speaking at the same event, Ms Khadija Suleman, the Vice Secretary General of MAMCO-UK added that it is very important that Muslim women should be empowered both educationally and economically.

“We must thank Allah for the opportunity to come and study, work or even reside in the UK. Therefore, we need to grasp this opportunity with both hands to empower ourselves by acquiring important skills, knowledge and economic independence. We must educate ourselves and harness the right knowledge and skills that will enable us to succeed in the 21st century,” she said.

Under the MAMCO-UK, the women have successfully implemented a cooperative micro-financing initiative that is aimed at providing capital and loans to the members. Some of them are also running successful small businesses which are aimed at assisting those that are in need both in the UK and in Malawi. Last year, the women assisted some members who were financially struggling.

Malawi Muslim Community UK is a charity which was formed in 2008 with the aim of providing of providing a formal channel for religious, educational, arts, cultural, leisure and social activities for the Muslims of Malawian decent living in the UK. The community also assists the members in the field of education, health, welfare, culture and sports by arranging lectures, seminars, discussions and debates.

Since its formation, MAMCO UK has been providing financial scholarships to students both in the UK and in Malawi coupled with welfare relief.

Mr Saidi Lumanza Phiri, the Treasurer General of the organization states that the grouping has succeeded beyond the founders’ imagination in that it has managed to established links with various charities in the UK.

“Our hope is to ensure that we assist our members to live an honorable life in the UK while assisting the needy at home in Malawi,” said Mr Phiri.

Reporting by Malawi Muslims Official Website Staff Reporter in London

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