Malawi Needs More than Electoral Alliances- Political Analyst

Political analyst, Wonderful Mkhutche says the country needs more than electoral alliances ahead of fresh elections if the country needs to tick social-economically.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslim Website, Mkhutche says Malawi has problems that mere electoral alliances without realistic objectives can not solve.

He backs UTM party leaders sentiments that the party can not rush into an alliance with without scrutinizing the practical aims of the coalition.

“The UTM party President, Saulos Chilima, was right that electoral alliances need exhaustive discussions. In our context, the plan should not only be unseating DPP from power,”

“Challenges of the country are bigger than this narrowed view of our future. An alliance should ensure that the parties in it are happy with the agreements, and above all, the interests of Malawians are considered,” Mkhutche told Malawi Muslim Website.

He says it It will be a waste of time having an electoral alliance, win power, only to end up dealing with divisions.

“The alliances alone cannot solve the problems of Malawi, and this includes that of DPP and UDF as rumoured,”

“For now parties are doing or thinking about alliances just to win power. But there is need for more in as far as meeting our national challenges is concerned,” he says.

According to Mkhutche, political party leaders should value unity to make the electoral alliances essential.

“So we need unity, strengthening of our institutions, tolerance and national building in those alliances,”

“If these are not found in them, no matter how attractive the alliances may look, there will be nothing for Malawi in them,” he says.

Mkhutche says he is supporting the 50+ 1 electoral law because it will make sure that the president wins with the majority votes.

“’50+1′ is important as it will make sure a winning party has wide legitimacy. It will also do away with our inherent tribal politics,”

“But in our present situation, no party can achieve an outright ’50+1′ majority on its own. There is need for electoral alliances. But as already said, these alliances should not just aim at winning power, but Malawians should be the priority,” he says.

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