Malawi Police Service Hails Muslim Sheikh

Sheikh Hassan receiving a gift from Commissioner Stan Kaliza

Malawi Police Service has appreciated Senior Superintendent Sheikh James Muhammad Hassan for the work he has been doing during the time he has been serving in the service.

The appreciation has been made today by Commissioner of Police, Stan Kaliza, during a farewell ceremony that the Malawi Police Service organized at Area 30 police headquarters, for the sheikh who has been leader of Muslim Police Officers in Malawi marking his retirement.

According to Commissioner of Police, Stan Kaliza, they organized the farewell ceremony as a way of appreciation to the sheikh for serving the Malawi Police service and leading all Muslim police officers well.

He said the sheikh has been humble and a good leader who was dedicated to doing his work and serving Malawians in general as an officer.

“Sheikh Hassan has been a humble and dedicated Sheikh in the Malawi police service as he has played as a counselor and an educator who brought people together in the service. I urge Muslim police officers to take an example from Sheikh Hassan by following his footsteps”, Said Commissioner Kaliza.

In his remarks, Sheikh James Muhammad Hassan who served as Senior Superintendent in the Spirituals Department, appreciated Malawi Police Service for honoring him with the farewell ceremony. He then advised all Muslim police officers to work hard while putting Islam on top as they serve as police officers. “I am overwhelmed by the honor the service has shown me today.

“A good Muslim is that who treats everyone well and do his work with passion while serving Allah first, I urge the muslim police officers to decist from doing bad things as they serve Malawians and that they should follow the teachings of Islam in everything they do, ” explained Sheikh Hassan.

On his part, Inspector Sheikh Mustafa Chibwana who is taking over from Sheikh Hassan, vowed to continue from where sheikh Hassan has stopped with dedication to put Islam on the map.
Until his retirement, Senior Supritendent Sheikh James Muhammad Hassan has served in the Malawi police Service for 20 years.

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