Malawi Muslim Scholars’ Papers to Undergo Scrutiny

Chabulika: It is a good idea

Sheikh Dinala Chabulika spokesperson of the Supreme Council of Ulama in Malawi who is also National Coordinator for the Islamic Information Bureau says time has now come for the sheikhs’ papers to be scrutinized before they take over any role of leading the Muslim community.

Chabulika was reacting to the Director of Women and Child Affairs for the Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi Caroline Bwanali’s idea she proposed during the association’s executive meeting held in Blantyre.

“In fact this is what we are supposed to do. Standards in Islam always must be there. You know when I see standards here in the country what I mean is that it is not each and every sheikh who is responsible to give a verdict or Fatwa,” said Chabulika according to Radio Islam Malawi official website.

The Radio further reported that if the move succeeds, only those approved by Majilis Ulama will be required to lead the Muslim community and said it is not proper for someone to give a Fatwa without consent from the organisation.

“This system was there long time ago and it was called IJAZA. So we need to continue this system,” added Sheikh Chabulika.

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