MAM Applauds Govt on Liquor Sachets Ban

Dr Salmin Omar
Idrussi: It’s a welcome move


Malawi’s Muslim body Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has joined other religious groups and NGOs in commending the Malawi government for banning liquor sachet.

In September last year, Young Achievers for Development (YAD) presented a petition in parliament calling for a ban on liquor sachet, the move which was supported by many parents, religious and youth organisations.

In an interview with Malawi Muslim Website, MAM Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin omar Idrussi applauded the government on the decision however he said the ban should not only be on sachets.

 “They have to ban all liquors. Liquor is liquor, whether is in a sachet or in a bottle. Banning of sachets does not stop them from drinking, they will still do that. So, the government has to ban all kinds of liquor if it all it wants to have a decent society,” he said.

Sheikh Idrussi further expressed worry that other human rights organisations might be considering joining the manufacturing companies to fight against the ban in the court of law.

He said: “It’s obvious that we will soon be hearing other companies going to court to get injunctions against the ban. So, we ask human rights organisations to be responsible because not everything is worth supporting. The sachets have put lives of many young Malawians on danger.”

However, in its statement Director for YAD Jefferson Milanzi said if companies obtain injunctions YAD is prepared to battle in court.

 “YAD legal team is prepared for any injunctions that may be obtained. There is much support not only in Malawi, but also outside. This is not aimed at bringing down the companies. It’s about the countries sanity and people healthy and standard of education. “

“The sachets have made the country to have drunkard police, teachers and students. This has compromised the countries progress in security and development,” he added

Meanwhile, YAD has urged National Assembly to proceed with the process to ensure that statement is translated into policy, by-laws or laws.

Many young Malawians have lost their lives since the availability of liquor sachets in the country.

According to Islamic teachings, alcohol is haraam (prohibited).

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