MAM condemns Balaka Hijaab unrest

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has condemned the disagreements happened on 4th November, 2019 between Muslims and Anglican Christians at M’manga Primary School in Balaka district.

According to a statement issued by MAM and signed by its Secretary General Alhaj Twaibu Lawe, it is alleged that the fracas happened as a result of muslim female students being chased away from the school for putting on hijab which is compulsory to dress in that manner.

A statement reads that it is a must for Muslim girls and women to wear Hijaab as it is stressed in the holy Qur’an.

“Quran 33 verse 59, says ” O prophet tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons. That is the most convenient that they should be known as such, and not abused. Allah is of forgiving, most merciful,” a statement quotes the scriptures.

The statement has stressed on the significance of unity between Muslims and Christians in the country.

“It must be appreciated that Muslims and Anglicans have coexisted amicably from time immemorial in promotion of their faith to their followers and therefore, it is disheartening to note that their co-existence be damaged because of a religious dressing which is a right to religion,”

“In 1994, Malawians chose to live in a country which oppression has no place. Section 33 of the Malawi constitution provides as follows, every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion,belief, and thought”

A statement reads that it is inline with that provision, that the secretary for Education science and technology, issued a circular on 7th may 2019 advising all the stakeholders that the government had taken its position on religious rights, unless the type of dress offends public morally or school descipline.

According to MAM, It is therefore baseless to allege that the hijab can offend public morality or school discipline.

“MAM therefore, condemns in strongest terms any action that are likely to cause religious or civil unrest in the country. Further, we demand that no government aided school or college should prohibit muslim female student’s from adhering to their religious prescription on dressing.

“School authorities should respect the constitution and they should allow muslim female student’s to put on hijab to all government aided school,” reads the statement.

The fracas led to damage of properties belonging to Muslims Anglican Christians such as mosques and churches and injuries to people.

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