MAM condemns the attacking of Muslim Converts

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) condemns the attack of Group Village Headman M’bondo of Rumphi for embracing Islam, saying this threatens the long history of co-existence of people of Malawi, comprised of multi culture, religious dogmas and political diversities.

A convert to Islam in the northern part of Malawi, village headman M’bondo as reported in the Sunday Times dated June 5, 2016 aged 89, was assaulted by one of his subjects, mainly for embracing Islam and giving land for the construction of the Muslim prayer house (Mosque).

The assault was intense, leading the convert to Islam cum group village headman M’bondo, admitted at Rumphi district hospital, as police spokesman for Rumphi district, Victor Khamisi confirms the intolerance act of a village subject.

The Muslim Association of Malawi, through the press release strongly condemns the attack of the chief, reiterating that victimizing converts, who have decided to take their preference of spiritual life, is unacceptable in democratic Malawi, which cherishes freedom of worship in its constitution.

Credit goes to Sunday Times for publishing this most despicable act, not relevant to the modern world. It said religious conflicts elsewhere are highly emotive matter and can easily escalate into open warfare if not dealt with expeditiously.

“There is no place for religious bigotry in Malawi,” the Sunday Times stated.

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