MAM Disowns Press Statement About Muslim Women Dancing in Political Rallies

Dr Salmin Omar: I never authored that Staement

Fresh controversy has hit Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) as some members have been alleged to have used the organisation’s letterhead and scribbled a Press Statement which has been sent to the media outlets in the country claiming that it was signed by Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar.

Dr Salmin Omar told Malawi Muslims Official Website that the Press statement which has been published in newspapers and aired in almost all radio stations including Radio Islam it was not endorsed or signed by him.

The Press statement which condemns the parading of Muslim women in all political rallies had a Per procurationem (P.P) signature with the name of Dr Salmin Omar who is Secretary General for the Muslims’ mother body.

Dr Salmin Omar has since distanced his organisation from authoring the statement and said he doesn’t even know who signed it on his behalf.

“I have not been in the office for the past two weeks for me to write that statement and of that content for that matter. I don’t even know who has authored and signed it. Whoever signed never told me. I have just heard it from the media. It was not endorsed by me. So, I disown it, “said the Secretary General.

The issue of Muslim women dancing in political rallies especially in People’s Party rallies has sparked controversy in the Muslim community for the past weeks.

Last week Concerned Muslims told Muslim Association of Malawi to issue a press statement stopping the women from dancing in political rallies or else the Association’s National Chairman should step down.

However, the move of calling the chairman to resign did not go well with other sympathisers of MAM’s Chair who also issued a press statement saying there are no enough reasons for the chairman to resign because the issue of Sharia is handled by Majilis Ulama (Muslim Council of Theologians and not MAM).

“So, if it is bout resigning then it should be the Masjilis Ulama Chair not MAM,” Hussein Mwarab Chairman for the Forum for Muslim Defense told reporters in Blantyre.

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