MAM Electoral Body is done-Board of Trustees’ Turn

The Electoral Commission of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) finished its role in this year’s MAM elections with a positive note as it conducted the regional MAM Executive committee this week on Tuesday August 9.

In Southern region, the elections took place at Albaraka Charity Trust; Kameza along Chileka road in Blantyre and in the Central region, the elections took place at Anbia Masjid Chinsapo in Lilongwe while in the Northern region the elections took place at Katoto Masjid in Mzuzu.

According to official results released by the electoral body in its press release signed by the Chairman of the Commission Alhaj Twaibu Lawe, Chairman of the Northern region is Omar Beya Banda and Muhammad Ishmael Mponda was elected as the vice chairman while Hamis Lack Abdullah won on secretary position to be assisted by Hussein Phiri Chikuluma as the Vice secretary. Abdul Razak Mtenje was elected as the Treasurer while Amid D. M. Nkhata is the vice treasurer for the southern region.

In central region whereby the voting took place at Anbia Masjid Chinsapo in Lilongwe, Ibrahim James Machokwani is the MAM central Region Chairman while Sheikh Ibrahim Msadala is the vice chairman and Ibrahim Daudi Amin was voted on secretary position to be working together with Ibrahim Twaibu as the vice secretary, Jumah Andrew Hussein Kandulu won as the treasurer while Jumah Bwanali was voted as the vice treasurer.

Finally Abdul Hakim Ganda is the new chairman for MAM in the southern region and Sheikh Haj Maulana Qassim was voted as the vice chairman. Sharrif Abu-bakar Kaisi took the position of secretary and Sheikh Saidi Frank Bamusi is the vice secretary. The newly treasurer for the region is Daniel Nkhwamba while Noor Mahommeh Abdul Karim won as the vice treasurer.

Meanwhile the commission would like to thank the voters and the candidates for maintaining peace and calm during the voting exercise.

Currently, preparations are underway for the MAM’s National Elections which have been scheduled to take place on August 31st this year to be controlled by the MAM board of Trustee.

Full List of the successful Candidates

Name of Region Name of Position Name of Candidates
Northern Region Chairman Omar Beya Banda
Vice Chairman Muhammad Ishmael Mponda
Secretary Hamis Lack Abdullah
Vice Secretary Hussein Phiri Chikuluma
Treasurer Abdul Razak Ntenje
Vice Treasurer Amin D. M. Nkhata
Central Region Chairman Ibrahim James Machokwani
Vice Chairman Sheikh Ibrahim Msadal
Secreatry Ibrahim Daudi Amin
Vice Sesretary Ibrahim Twaibu
Treasurer Jumah Andrew Hussein Kandulu
Vice Treasurer Jumah Bwanali
Southern Region Chairman Abdul Hakim Ganda
Vice Chairman Sheikh Haj Maulana Qassim
Secretary Sharrif Abu-bakar Kaisi
Vice Secretary Sheikh Saidi Frank Bamusi
Treasurer Daniel Nkhwamba
Vice Treasurer Noor Mahommeh Abdul Karim


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